How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as exciting as it is to see all of your loved one and share stories of thanks, let’s face it, the holiday is something that we often have to prepare for. Joined by friends and family, we indulge in plates full of turkey, delectable side dishes, desserts and much more. A holiday designed to fill our belly’s as well as our hearts, Thanksgiving really is one of the most fun holidays there is. However, as well as the big smiles, embraces and games there can also be other emotions such as anxiety and perhaps sadness that surround the day.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some handy tips that you’ll need to enable you to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!


How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Saying NO

When hosting Thanksgiving there is a big possibility that your family and friends can push lots of things on you. While some guests prefer their potatoes mashed, others would rather have them roasted. If you are in a position where you don’t feel like you are able to please everyone, then know that it is perfectly acceptable to ask some guests to bring a dish or two of their own.


Sometimes it’s our thoughts that really need to be put at bay. With our own high expectations about preparing the perfect meal, we can send a rush of anxiety through our bodies. Breath through those irrational thoughts of pressure and understand that whatever you do, it will be amazing and that everyone around you is grateful no matter what.

Saying YES

It is always daunting to think of anyone in your home and especially in your kitchen but on this occasion, it might be worth your while to let certain guests’ muscle in and help with the food. Ok, we get it, you want them to leave you alone and stop telling you what to do but wait a minute… Why not let them help while you go and put your feet up with a glass of your favorite holiday wine!?