Do You Really Know What To Wear On A First Date?

First dates are quite a stressful time for most girls. The question of what to wear always lingers. Several questions run through your mind. Do I want to dress to impress? Is my outfit too modest? Am I showing too much? These are entirely typical questions, have no fear this article will answer all of your questions.

Confidence is Key – Wear clothes you feel confident in

Wearing what makes you feel confident is vital. It doesn’t matter how expensive the clothes are; what matters is whether you feel strong and proud of them. Dressing this way will already give you a boost and make you feel better about the date.

Keep it Simple

Please don’t overdo it. Simplicity is key. Over accessorizing and wearing flashy jewelry is never a good idea. Basic is not boring. You don’t want your date to be distracted by your overdone outfit, so keep it simple so that all the focus is on your face.

Go All Natural

We don’t recommend overdone makeup and contouring for the first date. Unless you’re passionate about it and it’s a significant part of your life, keep it minimalistic. Remember, your date wants to be able to see the ‘real’ you. In this case, less is more.

Also, be natural with your hair. Let it flow to accent your face. You may tame it with a curler or straightener.

Consider the type of date

Yes, it’s the first date, but what type is it? Is it a coffee date? Lunch? Dinner? The outfit you choose needs to match this, so consider this. Morning or daytime dates warrant more casual clothing than what you would wear at night. Never be too formal, but dress appropriately for the venue.

Remember to be sure of where and what time the meeting is taking place. Having all the required information beforehand will help you put together the ideal outfit.

Don’t show too much

If you’re comfortable showing skin, then go for it. Nobody and especially not your date should judge you for revealing some skin. But be careful not to show too much. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or to make your date feel that way. A good rule is to focus on one of your physical aspects and highlight that, whether it be your arms, legs, belly, and so on.

Be comfortable

Being completely comfortable in what you’re wearing should always be a priority for you. You don’t want to be feeling itchy or have sore feet the whole time. If you’re used to heels, then go for it. Be comfortable, and above all else, be yourself.