Decadent Dulce De Leche and Chocolate Christmas Trifle

Decadent Dulce De Leche and Chocolate Christmas Trifle

This classic English dessert is an essential part of Christmas dinner, but this holiday classic could do with a slight upgrade. For a more modern take on this holiday favorite why not try some new flavor combinations with delicious chocolate and dulche de leche. With the simple recipe below you will be able to whip up this great dessert without having to make anything from scratch.

• 2 pints chocolate pudding
• One uniced chocolate sponge cake (you can either buy a pound cake from the store or make one using a mix like betty crockers super moist devil’s food cake)
• ½ cup Kahlua or almond liqueur
• 1 ½ cups heavy cream
• 1 tablespoon powder sugar
• Dulche de leche or caramel
• 1 large glass bowl


• Pour the heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl and whip with a hand mixer until peaks begin to form. Add the powdered sugar and beat until well mixed.
• Slice the pound cake into slices and ‘butter’ each slice on one side with the dulche de leche.
• To assemble the trifle start with a layer of the bittered pound cake, making sure to layer the slices as flat as possible. Then drizzle some of the liqueur over the sponge before adding a layer of pudding
• On top of the pudding add a layer of cream before starting over with a layer of cake and liqueur.
• Continue to layer this way until you run out of ingredients or space. Feel free to layer as you wish as this is the kind of dessert where you don’t need to follow strict instructions. The only requirement is that the final layer at the top should be either cream or pudding so that the cake doesn’t dry out.
• To decorate the top, drizzle some dulche del leche and add some chocolate shavings, nuts or raspberries on top of the trifle.

This is a unique twist on a classic recipe and is guaranteed to get you compliments. This dessert is best served a day after its made and goes great with any Christmas meal. The great thing about trifle is enjoying it after Christmas day as you enjoy the last days of the holiday season.