These Cruise Photos People Took Shows What Cruise Ships Really Look Like

Don’t we all miss these Cruise ship trips we used to take? You get to board in a sunny destination like Miami, Florida, and then head out to some islands in the Bahamas for some sun-soaked adventures. Or perhaps, you can get on a river cruise in Europe and stop off at historical towns and see some very famous rivers and sites. However, for these guests, Reality didn’t quite meet up with their expectations. Yet, not everyone has the same experience, and there are plenty of people who did enjoy their holiday cruise. This article shows some of the expectations of cruise life and how it went for these unfortunate guests.

Bon Voyage

When you first arrive on the dock, you see your cruise ship off in the distance. It looks majestic as it is gently bobbing on the emerald-colored waves of the ocean, and it is an excellent time for a photo op.

As you approach the loading area, you see that it is actually crammed with people jostling to get on board with all of their luggage and get settled in their cabins before you depart. This can be a very hectic experience that might even involve getting elbowed, so watch out.