How To Control Your Unwanted Emotions And Be More Proactive

Sometimes many of us can’t help but get swept up in the moment. Whether we are experiencing feelings of jealousy or anger, it can be tough to let go of our emotions and handle situations in a more positive way. In the end, our negative emotions only serve to harm our emotional well being and ruin or relationships. So, the next time you feel you are becoming overwhelmed with your feelings, why not try these tricks to get a better grip on the situation and reclaim your life.

Change your thoughts to change your behaviors
The way we think about life can drive our behaviors. Sometimes when we want to change ou behaviors, it may be essential to change our thoughts. If you find yourself fixated on your ex and unable to let them go, why not remind yourself of the reasons you broke up and also look at the ways you have been improved since the break-up. By changing the way we think about things, we can change the situation and work towards a brighter future. If you feel angry about losing a job, think about how the job wasn’t right for you and think about the excellent jobs you can now aim for. It’s all about perspective, and by changing our perspective, we can work towards being happier.

Pause before responding
Having an argument with someone can be very upsetting, and sometimes we may think or say something in the heat of the moment that we live to regret. So instead, try to train yourself to pause and think before you respond. This is an excellent tip for keeping those negative emotions like anger from rearing their head. Sometimes a pause can be brief, but for those big arguments, you may want to consider taking a long time out to gather your thoughts and calm down before addressing the problem.

Give yourself a break
When we experience feelings of disappointment, this can be a sure-fire way to lead down a path of sadness. Instead, think about why you are disappointed. Ask yourself if you set goals that were too difficult to reach.

A lot of the time, we set ourselves up for failure without realizing it. So instead, go easy on yourself and set a more reasonable goal. Also, learn to forgive yourself when you do fail and remember that you can always try again.