The Classic Charcuterie Board


If you are planning a girls night, or a nice get together with friends then a charcuterie board is always a good thing to have on hand for those wanting some nibbly bits. But making a charcuterie board does take some planning so that you have a good array of cheeses, meats, fruits, crackers, and other delights. Basically, you want to make sure that it is well-balanced in terms of texture and taste. Not everything is salty, and not everything is crunchy.

The Board

First up, you need to have a board in which to lay everything on. Some people like to be fancy and purchase a nice wooden slab type one, but you can just use a big serving tray if it is on hand.

The Cheeses

A charcuterie board is not complete if there is not a good array of cheeses to choose from that are hard, soft, spreadable and so forth. A sharp cheddar, a brie, some gouda, Dubliner, and blue cheese are always a good mix. You may want to add a cumin-spiced gouda or a cranberry coated goat cheese for some extra flair. When putting blue cheese on your board, make sure that nobody has a penicillin allergy as this could cause an allergy attack.

The Meat

Thinly sliced meats are a nice accompaniment to the cheese, as your guests will most likely layer these bites of goodness. A nice sliced salami such as peppercorn is a good choice. Then prosciutto or mortadella.

Vegetables and Fruits

Red and green seedless grapes go very well with cheese, and if you are eating cheese and grapes you should probably be having a nice glass of wine. Apples slices and pear are also nice sides. In terms of vegetables, olives and snap peas add some nice color.

Crackers and Bread

To finish the board off you do need to choose some appropriate crackers and sliced bread for your guests to put everything on. Carr’s makes the perfect table wafers, flatbread, and baguette slices are all excellent choices. If you feel your board needs anything else, you could consider putting a small bowl of nuts on it. Basically, whatever you think will taste and look good works for the board. Your guests will enjoy being able to select all different sorts of cheese and meat and creating little mixes.