The Best Vegan-Friendly Easter Eggs

Spring is in the air, and for chocoholics that means only one thing. It is time to get stocking up on those Easter eggs.  Inspired by the traditional symbolism of the egg as promising new life, anyone who’s started a new life as a vegan or is dairy intolerant, may find it difficult to enjoy this holiday. Yet fear not- we have scoured the best dairy free products around. And they are delicious.

Booja-Booja Large Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Egg

The best-looking Easter egg around,  this luxury organic dairy-free egg is a hand-painted, with dusted truffles inside. Your taste buds will have a party, when you pop in those caramel and almond flavors. The company offers large and small eggs, and also sells them with champagne, hazelnut and coffee truffles inside.

No Whey! “Milk” Chocolate Easter Bunnies

These innovative company are offering “milk” chocolate Easter Bunnies, egg truffles, creme eggs, and an assortment of other fun “milk” and dark chocolate treats. Guaranteed to be allergen-free, which means they are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free and now soy-free!

Moo- Dairy Free Easter Egg

Sweet and creamy, this egg is the perfect alternative to dairy and is perfect for kids. It’s called a “milk chocolate” egg, but the dairy-like texture actually comes from its cocoa butter and rice ingredients. It is organic and packaged without using any plastic. The range also includes solid chocolate eggs, great for decorating your dairy free cakes.