Autumn Fashion Trends for 2020

We don’t know about you, but this year seems to have absolutely flown by and in the blink of an eye, autumn is right around the corner. As we say goodbye to strappy sandals and crop tops, this Autumn’s fashion trends are one of the best yet.

Reinventing summer trends in warmer ways, the latest fashion weeks have given us all the details as to what we need to see hanging in our wardrobes this Autumn and we cannot wait! With the seasons changing on September 23, those extra oversized hats of summer are being safely put away as we welcome florals, knits and a whole lot more.

Florals darling

Now we all know florals have never really gone out a fashion, however, each season sees a new twist on the flower theme and this autumn we are living for floral everything. From long-sleeved maxi dresses with a matching bag, right the way through to those fashion week, show-stopping floral face masks and headscarves, but let’s be serious, they’re only for the brave. These floral patterns will look amazing against the magentas, reds, and browns of Autumn. There has never been anything wrong with a splash of color, so we say, go for it darling!

The bigger, the better

While our summer has been spent carrying around simple wooden tote bags and small purses, Autumn brings back those giant bags, with plenty of space to store your hat, scarves, and gloves, just in case you need it. No more breaking your bag essentials down to just that one lip balm, you will once again have space for those five different lip shades, face and body moisturizer and much more. And don’t worry, your Autumn bag can be in whatever color you choose.


We are living for these dream camel tones of Autumn and right about now, we are running out the door to buy ourselves a new mac, patent required! This season gives us the perfect excuse to switch up our summer dresses by adding a gorgeous boot and a too-die-for coat or jacket. From high-end to the high street, you won’t have to look for long when trying to scout out one of these retro ultra-stylish macs this autumn.

With a twist of last season’s clashing prints, we’ll see layers of checks on checks, more ruffles, waist belts, argyle knits and more! Can you tell we’re excited?