How To Actively Pursue Happiness

Being happy all the time is hard for most. There are stressors that come from outside and within that can make feeling at peace or simply ‘happy’ very hard to attain or maintain. But there are certain things that you can practice in your everyday life which may help you to achieve happiness in the long run. It is simply acknowledging the sources of unhappiness and learning how to cope with them that is necessary to lead a more peaceful life.

Work In Something You Are Passionate About

We have all had jobs that we did not exactly find fulfilling and if you have the opportunity to actively search for a job you find worthwhile you should. You spend eight hours a day, five days a week working. If you are working in a job you despise or feel disrespected at then chances are you will feel unhappy. This is something you have the power to change, it may not happen overnight but if you actively pursue your dream job or a job you are passionate about then you will feel like you have a purpose which will contribute to a sense of fulfillment.

Learn When To Say No

We all feel the need to please people which means we sometimes say ‘yes’ to doing things we don’t want to do for fear of hurting somebody else’s feelings. But when one is on their own path towards happiness they need to know when to say ‘no.’ If you have things you need to get done or certain activities that cause you anxiety you need to simply say ‘no.’ Your happiness is ultimately what you should be putting first. If you are being asked to do something that will affect this then it is okay to say ‘no.’

Stop Comparing

It is very hard to not compare oneself to others when you are constantly being bombarded with Insta stories of people leading amazing lives, eating delicious food, and generally appearing happy. But what is the most important thing is that you do not compare your life, your body, and your achievements to anyone else. Each person wants something different and measures their success in a different way. All you need to do is become self-aware and know that you are doing what is right for you. This can be very hard to do but it is key if you want to find your inner happiness.

In time, once you practice being mindful and surrounding yourself with positive influences and activities you will find that you have been able to mold your mind into thinking in a different way. The road to happiness is long and we all need to consciously work on it on a daily basis.