5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that we are almost in the month of May it is time to start thinking about what to give your mom for Mother’s Day. It is on May 12th just in case you forgot. We have compiled a list of five gifts that your mother might enjoy, no kitchen appliances here!

4-Person Picnic Basket

Since the weather should hopefully be warming up wherever you are in the world, it might be a nice idea to pack a picnic for Mother’s Day and head to your favorite spot either at the beach or a nice park. What better gift is there than a complete picnic set that can be used over and over again for any occasion. To make it more fun you can pack a picnic with it so that the entire family can enjoy the adorable set.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

23andMe DNA Kit

These DNA kits have become more and more popular as gifts as people want to know where exactly their roots are. Why not gift one to your mother so she can see exactly where her family has come from and maybe even find some more relatives in far-flung places of the globe. There may be a few surprises in there which will make great talking points at a family dinner.

Photo Collage

It is easier than ever to create a photo collage in different shapes like hearts, suns, or whatever else you might like. Why not use a service like the one provided by Minted where you can submit up to 30 photos of you two together or the whole family and then have it fashioned into a clustered photo heart. This is something truly unique and your mother will be able to hang it up on the wall and remember all of those times fondly.

Patterned Apron

For the mother’s that love to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm or baking delectable goodies a pretty apron is always a great gift. You can choose from a wide selection of fun ones with sayings like “May the fork be with you” or one with a beautiful floral pattern on it. This is a good simple gift, and when paired with a bouquet of flowers is sure to elicit a smile.

A Spa Day

Like anyone who has to spend a lot of time either in a workplace or working from home some much-needed rest and relaxation is always a must. A spa day either alone or with the gift giver is a great present that will allow your mom to just take some time to herself and be pampered. Check out your local spas to see what is on offer. In the words of Donna from Parks and Rec treat yo’ self and your mama!