Add Some Feng Shui To Your Life

Feng Shui has been around for centuries and originated as a Chinese concept relating to positive energy and how it flows through your home. This energy is known as Qi, and the practice teaches that all objects in your home should be arranged a certain way so that it can impact your wellbeing in a positive way. One of the best places to begin is in your bedroom, after all, this is the place where relaxation is the most important. Your bedroom should be your haven, the place where you can switch off from the rest of the world and simply just be.

But don’t worry, the concept isn’t complicated! Today, there are modern teachers of Feng Shui who have studied the practice and simplified it for the rest of us. Dana Claudat, a designer and Feng Shui master helps people create their very own sanctuary, with a “fun and practical” strategy that “works like magic”.

Speaking about why your bedroom is a great starting point, Claudat said, “The number one reason to Feng Shui a bedroom is [to get] sleep that is deep and restorative. Even when my clients log enough hours of sleep, the improvement in their quality of sleep is often tremendous after making Feng Shui shifts.”

Not only can Feng Shui make an impact on how you sleep, but it can also be a good aid for your relationship. “In Feng Shui terms, your bedroom is always linked to love. Many clients have found ideal relationships, improved their relationships, or ended toxic relationships that they felt stuck in after applying Feng Shui with a clear intention to bring more love to their lives.”

Here on the key things you need to do to achieve those Feng Shui goals –

Make sure your bed isn’t close to your door (the more you have a clear view of the door from your bed, the better) – “The only rules I truly don’t like to break are sharing a bed wall with a bathroom and sleeping directly beneath beams.”

Choose the right colors – “When you are adding colors to a room, you can choose colors that bring you the type of energy that matches your intentions in your life. It’s easiest to begin with neutrals in a bedroom — or less-saturated colors — and then add richer color as it matches with your intentions. “Colors like red or others that are deep, saturated, and fiery, bring a lot of energy to a space. You don’t need a lot of these fire colors to have a big effect.”

Clear the clutter – Clutter blocks the flow of positive energy and all the glowing vitality and great feelings that come along with it. Also, when people store unwanted things under a bed, or store filing bins of papers under their bed, it can be like ‘sleeping on problems,’ which is not very restful.”

Think symmetry – “Balance is something you can feel, and that balanced feeling is calming and grounding.”