3 Ways Being in Love Can Be Good For Your Health


Being in love can be a very fulfilling experiencing, but there is also scientific evidence that being in a relationship can be beneficial for your health. There is a growing amount of research into the benefits of love on our bodies. While usually, this means romantic love, there is also evidence that other types of love are also beneficial. Here are some of the ways love can be good for you.

It eases anxiety and reduces stress
Those warm fuzzy feelings we experience when we are in love are actually the result of essential neurotransmitters being released in our brains. These special brain chemicals help us feel relaxed and securely attached to our personal relationships. This can significantly reduce the amount of stress we experience, but it can also leave us feeling less anxious. When we are in love, our brains secrete fewer stress hormones, and this helps mitigate our sense of anxiety.

For the most part, it makes us happy
Being in love causes our brains to release brain chemicals that increase our moods and make us feel more satisfied. These chemicals include serotonin and dopamine. These ‘feel-good’ chemicals give us that cloud-nine feeling that can fill us with positivity and happy feelings. This improved mood and positive outlook is excellent for us emotionally and mentally.

It can help you live longer
Stress isn’t just an emotional response, it can be a physical reaction. When we are stressed, our hearts have to work harder to get the job done, our blood pressure rises, and our veins and arteries see a lot of strain.

Because being in love means fewer stress hormones and more ‘happy’ brain chemicals, our bodies don’t experience as much strain as they usually would when we are stressed. This means our hearts don’t have to work as hard, and we can be healthier and live longer. Couples also have lower rates of bad behaviors that can be damaging to our health.