3 Empowering Ways Women Can Learn To Love Themselves

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We’ve been conditioned to compare ourselves to others, to constantly strive for more. We scroll our Instagram feeds and yearn to be thinner, prettier, richer, or do what others are doing. We were taught that our appearances mattered more than our intelligence, our personalities, and our creativity. We have learned to base our self-worth on our looks and status. This train of thinking is dangerous for our health, happiness and self-love.

We are all beautiful and worthy in our own unique way, and that is what makes us special. Being different is how we make our mark on the world. By sharing our stories with each other, it creates a safe space to heal and feel accepted, also knowing that we are not alone and that we have support. It is challenging to be vulnerable, yet that is where self-acceptance truly starts.

Speak out, share your story with other women, this initial step will help you to feel confident, brave and strong, and to know that you are not alone. The tiniest steps are the biggest triumphs, and by opening up, you are creating a safe space for other women to do the same.

Try these 3 tips and see how they can help to change your thoughts.

1. Body Acceptance

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More often than not, when we think about losing weight in order to love ourselves, we act from a place of fear and not love. Fear that other people won’t love us unless we look a certain way, fear that other people will judge us, fear that we’re not good enough. When we are so quick to judge and pick out the negative aspects about ourselves, our thought patterns get stuck, and immediately create uncomfortable feelings that in turn lead us to act in ways that are not beneficial for us. We are allowed to love ourselves just as we are, regardless of what social media throws at us. Start looking in the mirror each day, and tell yourself one thing about your body that you are grateful for, e.g your legs help you to walk, and your eyes help you to see. These things will help you feel empowered and grateful for the amazing things your body can do.

2. Awareness


It’s easy to slip back into our old thought patterns and behaviors. We’ve had them in our subconscious mind for so long that they have became a part of us, but they don’t have to stay that way. We can pull apart that web and weave together a beautiful new tapestry in our minds.

If you find yourself becoming critical, check in with yourself, where is this thought coming from? Why is it happening? How do you feel about it? What emotions are coming up for you? What can you say instead? Get a positive planner and jot down when these thoughts arise. For every negative thought that sweeps into the passage ways of your mind, replace it with a new positive thought. ‘I Am Worthy’ ‘I Am Beautiful’. “I Am Loved”.



Remember, change is never easy, and it takes time to remove old thought patterns and behaviors, so be patient, and enjoy this journey of self- discovery. Think about it as a gift you are giving to yourself. Don’t get disheartened if you feel that you have stepped back into old habits, take each new situation as a lesson that you can learn from. The key is not to focus on taking huge leaps, don’t try climb the mountain too quickly. Start with baby steps and you will see remarkable changes.

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’.