3 Hacks for Wearing High Heels Comfortably

Most ladies, and some guys, know the feeling of putting on that perfect pair of heels. You can feel that extra sway in your hip, the way your stature changes, and the all-around confidence you gain from wearing those heels. Here are some hacks for wearing high heels comfortably.

1. Break Them In At Home

Breaking in a new pair of shoes is vital, whether it’s stunning heels or your new trainers. Some folks recommend freezing your shoes, but we decided to stick to the tried and tested method. While at home, put your shoes on with a pair of socks. If you experience some tight spots, you can use the blow dryer to apply some heat.


2. The Professionals Have Tricks

There’s a nerve that splits between your third and fourth toes, which causes pain when you apply pressure. By taping those two toes together, you alleviate the stress. It’s an old trick used by ballerinas and theatre dancers, and it works like a pro. It might feel strange initially, but you’ll be strutting those heels, pain-free, in no time. Actresses and models are always wearing lavish heels, which doesn’t necessarily equate to comfort. Margot Robbie sprays her feet with a menthol foot spray before events. It cools the foot for hours, relieving any discomfort. You could also try some deodorant as this prevents chafing, which in turn will prevent any blisters in their tracks.

Anyone who’s taken on the office or a night out on the high heels will tell you that blister stickers are a godsend. You might have applied some of the tactics in this article and had no problems, but your stubborn best friend might need them by act two. Keep those hero bandages in your purse, as the cushion will feel like heaven when a blister rears its evil head. 



3. Save Up For High-Quality Shoes

The quality of materials used to make your shoes play a significant role in comfort. A rubber sole could be comfier than a plastic one. Shoes almost always feel more comfortable in the store than at home. We have great news; they make gel inserts specifically for heels. These are discreet and take the load off the balls of your feet. Make sure to invest in good quality shoes, and your feet will thank you. 

All the rage is about stilettos, but it’s not the only heel out there. Try to include some chunkier heels in your wardrobe, which allows for a more even distribution of your weight. This feature helps to reduce the pressure placed on your front foot. A chunky heel can also be the perfect addition to an outfit.