How To Reap The Health Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and while coffee can be very good for us, having coffee the wrong way can actually be incredibly bad for our health. Coffee can help our digestion, keep our liver healthy, prevent Alzheimer’s and diabetes and prevent heart disease. By following the easy tips below you can make your daily cup of coffee more healthy and beneficial for your health.

Drink it in Moderation
We each have a different sensitivity to caffeine so its difficult to say how much coffee is too much because we are all different. While some of us may be more sensitive and can only have 1 cup a day, others may be able to comfortably have 3 cups a day. Figure out how much is too much for yourself and then stick to that on a daily basis. This way you can make sure not to harm your body and take advantage of all the benefits of coffee.

Add cinnamon to your coffee
There are two reasons why a dash of cinnamon in your coffee can be good. Firstly it adds a great flavor that makes your coffee taste great.

If you are going without sugar, this change in flavor can make coffee more delicious and you may not even notice the lack of sugar. Secondly cinnamon helps lower your glucose levels and cholesterol. So adding a little to your coffee can help your body store and digest sugars and also improve your heart health.

If possible avoid non-dairy creamers
Non-dairy creamers and artificial creamers are highly processed products that often contain questionable ingredients and sugars. While we think these creamers may be healthier, these processed artificial ingredients are actually more damaging than dairy.

So instead consider adding full cream milk to your coffee as this contains natural ingredients, vitamin K and calcium that your body needs.