Easy Tips And Tricks For Clearing Your Space Of Negativity With Smudge Sticks

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Smudging and the burning of smudge sticks have been around for ages, but lately, this herbal cleansing has become increasingly popular. You may have seen some of your favorite celebs using smudging to clear their homes of negativity, but many of us don’t fully understand the benefits of this process. In order to make the most of your space, here is everything you need to know about smudging.

What is smudging
Well, simply put smudging involves the burning of smudge sticks, a herbal incense that is made up of dried herbs and flowers. These herbs are specially selected for their spiritual properties and it is believed that their smoke can be both healing and cleansing. When burnt these herbs release calming odors and clear and refresh your living space. The herbs are dried in bundles that are then burnt to release their smoke.

Why people smudge
One of the main reasons people smudge is to cleanse their homes of negative and bad energies. But smudging is also good for creating peace and clarity.

Smudging is a basic ritual that has existing since medieval times when it was believed that the aromatic smoke could cleanse a home of impurities that cause illness. Some people also use smudging to help remove the energies of previous occupants or of the negative forces left behind by violence.

What you need to smudge
While you can smudge with any aromatic smoke, the most common things to smudge with are smudge sticks made with dried bundles of sage. Sage has long since been associated with cleansing powers and when burnt the smoke can be quite aromatic. Others may use smudge sticks made up of sweetgrass which has a scent similar to vanilla.

While you can buy smudge sticks online or in certain stores, you can also make your own by bundling fresh herbs with cotton and letting them dry naturally. If you prefer you can also use incense to smudge your home.