How To Get Your Avocado Fix

How To Get Your Avocado Fix

Avocado dishes have dramatically increased in price over the last few years as somehow, they have become the fashionable thing to eat (and take pictures of). With avocado on toast costing around $8 a time, it’s a great time to look for other ways to tantalize your avocado taste buds with less of the cost.

Avocados truly are great for your health. They are full of minerals, healthy fats and absolutely beaming with vitamins! Despite all of these benefits, eating the same food every day can get a little boring, so here are some amazing ways to incorporate avocado into your life.

Avocado Carbonara

Need that card fix but want to keep it healthy? Then this avocado carbonara is the perfect recipe. Thanks to avocados creamy texture, they work great as a pasta sauce and are awesome alternatives to cream, butter or sour cream for those who follow a vegan lifestyle. Adding to some spaghetti, mix together some garlic, basil and any other herbs you want with some crushed avocado and add it to the pasta with some olive oil and salt.

How To Get Your Avocado Fix

Avocado Smoothie

A smoothie is an excellent way to get lots of goodness into your body in one glass and when mixed together with the right fruits, avocado makes a delicious smoothie. You can combine some of these tasty things, either all in one go (that’s if you can fit it in or pick and choose which you like – banana, kiwi, almond milk, peanut butter, honey, melon, chia seeds, blueberries and/or raspberries.

Avocado Cups

Not only do these look cute but they are quick, handy and you can make a bunch of them in one go! By taking out the avocado carefully, you are left with the skin cups. You can mix together all sorts of salads with the avocado and add them back into the cups. These are especially good to take to work with you. Not only that but you can cook an egg in them which makes for a great breakfast.