Apps That Can Help You To Deal With and Understand Anxiety

Apps That Can Help You To Deal With and Understand Anxiety

Mental health is quickly becoming something that people are open to talk about after the subject has been taboo for far too long. Once upon a time, people with mental health issues were cast aside and put into a certain category, but as more people begin to speak out, we’re suddenly realizing that we are not alone.

Today, the top three mental health disorders are –

Bipolar Affective Disorder

An extremely high percentage of people all around the world have at least suffered from the top two on one or more occasions throughout their life. Although it has been shown that social media can increase these disorders you can actually turn to the screen in your life for a solution, especially when it comes to helping with anxiety.

Astonishingly, there are around 10,000 – 15,000 mental health apps available to download (crazy right) and that can cause anxiety in itself! With the help of PsyberGuide, an online resource that rates mental health apps by studying the privacy, creditability and user experience, we can now go straight to downloaded those that come specially recommended. Executive Director Dr. Schueller said, “The research on meditation for anxiety is still mixed a little bit at this point. There’s so much content in these apps that sometimes it’s hard to find those specific meditations that align with what you need.”

Although apps are not the replacement for professional human support, they are definitely a place to start, so why not give these top 3 apps a try recommended by PsyberGuide and listen to what Dr. Schueller has to say about them.

ReachOut Breath – helps with guiding breath

“Sometimes when we’re anxious, we shift into the fight-or-flight mode where we have these really shallow breaths. Breathing exercises, especially at the moment, can actually counter some of those physiological measures that can happen.”

SAM (Self-help for anxiety management) – how to deal with certain scenario’s

“What we see in anxiety disorders often is that people get trapped in this avoidance cycle where they avoid the things that make them anxious and therefore don’t master the skills to cope. One of the most effective treatments for anxiety disorders are exposure-based treatments, so things that actually get us to face our fears.”

Pacifica – cognitive behavior strategies

“It’s got an array of tools for you to use daily, including mood trackers, meditations, health trackers, a hope board, thoughts, and goals. Each tool has a number of options to choose from, and it’s likely you’ll find at least one thing helpful to you and your situation.”