Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Happy

Its no secret that the key to beautiful skin is healthy skin, and keeping your skin healthy should be an important goal of any beauty regime. Our environment and rigorous beauty routines can be very damaging to our skin and when it is not at its best we can look tired, suffer breakouts and early aging. With this list of simple beauty tricks, you can keep your skin healthy and happy and say goodbye to those bad skin days.

Be gentle
When we wash our bodies or our faces our main goal is to clean away dirt and bacteria. Sometimes however we can be overly enthusiastic and be a little rough on our skin. Remember that when you wash you should be gentle to avoid aggravating and damaging your skin, especially when washing your face. Try to avoid soaps that are too harsh and only use body and facial scrubs occasionally.

Moisturize daily
Keeping your skin moist can be quite a challenge, especially in winter. While we may be tempted to run out and spend lots of money on expensive lotions and creams, did you know that one of the best ways to keep your skin moist and protected is to use good quality petroleum jelly like Vaseline?

Vaseline helps seal your skin with a layer of protection that keeps moisture in and germs out. It’s great on your body and sometimes even on your face. It is best to apply a thin layer of Vaseline straight out of the bath or shower for the best coverage and to lock in added moisture.

Clean your sheets and pillowcases regularly
If you think about it, we each spend quite a bit of time in our beds and overtime we transfer a lot of dirt and germs onto our sheets. So, it’s important to keep bed linen clean and change sheets regularly. There is no point cleaning our faces before bed only to rest our heads on dirty pillowcases so make sure to change your pillowcases a little more often than the rest of the sheets, especially if you use a lot of product in your hair.

Replace your loofahs, sponges, and makeup brushes regularly
Germs love moist, dark places, and sadly that describes the inside of our favorite loofahs and makeup brushes. Because of this be sure to replace your makeup sponges, makeup brushes, sponges and loofahs regularly. When possible give them a clean and let them dry in the sunlight to kill off any remaining bacteria.

It’s best to clean your makeup brushes as often as possible, if not daily. Make sure your washcloth is also clean and hang it up after every use so that it can dry.