After a Rocky Divorce, This Mom Had No Choice but to Build a House

Sometimes marriages simply don’t work, and divorce takes place. It may not be a fairy tale, but it is a chance to start over. For one mom, she knew that she would have to think outside of the box if she and her two children were going to survive. She did not make a lot of money and her divorce left her with nothing! She and her two sons needed their own space, but how could they afford to buy or even rent with her limited income?

Meet Charlotte Sapwell

Life had been tough for Charlotte Sapwell and her two sons. She had gone through a bitter divorce, which left her with very little money. However, she did gain custody of her two young sons, which is all she wanted.

Her family was very supportive of her during this time, but she did not want to burden them any more than she felt that she had. After a lot of thought, she knew what she needed to do if she was going to be independent again.