How To Get Plumper Lips Without Doing Anything Too Drastic

How To Get Plumper Lips Without Doing Anything Too Drastic

These days plumper lips have become all the rage, and if you want plumper lips there really isn’t anything wrong with that. However, you don’t have to go to extremes to make your lips look fuller. With these natural tips, you can have your lips looking plumper and fuller without having to get lip fillers.

Keep your lips smooth and moisturized
It may sound a little silly but lips that are smoother and better moisturized will look fuller. This is simply because well-hydrated lips are exactly that-well hydrated. When your lips are dry they tighten and crack because of the lack of hydration. So by simply using a good lip balm regularly, your lips will be healthier and plumper.

Try a lip scrub
Part of keeping your lips hydrated is preventing cracked lips. If your lips have a tendency to crack moisturizing they won’t immediately smooth your lips.

So when your lips need a little smoothing simply try a quick lip scrub. You can use store-bought scrubs or simply make your own by combining honey, sugar and coconut oil. Once your lips are smooth its easier to keep them smooth and looking full.

Conceal your lips
If you are looking for more pronounced lips then simply use concealer to hide your lip lines and blend the tone of your lips to match your face.

Once you have done this it will be easier to convincingly overdraw your lip lines. Just be sure to use a lip liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick you want to use to give your lips that extra pop.

Avoid dark shades of lipstick
Darker shades of lipstick actually make your lips seem smaller and flatter. So instead of those dramatic shades, try a lighter shade or even nude lipsticks to make your lips seem fuller and more rounded.

While dark shades like purple, red, maroon etcetera make your lip size more obvious and appear small; Brown, nude and aged-rose shades are the best for making your lips pop.