What is Dermarolling?

What is Dermarolling?

Microneedling is one of those things that everyone is talking about but don’t worry if you don’t know what it is, we’ve got it covered for you. Although the procedure has been around for a good few years now, it has all of a sudden become a trend, much to many dermatologist’s delights. If you are after a complete microneedling facial, then we recommend that you go and visit a professional. However, if you are more of a ‘do it yourself’ kind of person than why not try your hand at derma rolling. A simple technique, the treatment can be administered by you without any worry.

What is Derma Rolling?

It may sound a little scary but there’s nothing to fear, trust us! The face roller is built with tiny needles that will poke the skin as you roll it over your face. This is completely harmless, with the theory behind it being that as you poke these tiny superficial holes into your face, your body will produce more elastic and collagen as a defense method. Meaning, the result should leave you with younger-looking skin.

Are there any other benefits?

With the new influx of elastin and collagen, Derma rolling can also make a big difference to anyone who suffers from acne, especially the scarring it may leave. Other benefits listed are refined large pores, the fading of dark spots plus the ability to soften fine lines. Sounds great right?

What is Dermarolling?

Anything else?

Well yes actually. It has been said that using the roller before applying any skincare products can massively improve how quickly they settle into your skin. When shopping for a roller, keep in mind what you desire from the product, this will help you to choose what needle size you need. For scarring and darker areas, go for a deeper and thicker needle. If its tighter pores and exfoliation, take a shorter and thinner needle.