Brad Pitt Takes Over Mission Control

Brad Pitt Takes Over Mission

With his latest film Ad Astra in theaters, Brad Pitt decided to do some unusual things to promote the film. When the actor wasn’t hiding in the audience on the Ellen show he was taking over mission control and having a casual video chat with the international space station.

During the video chat, Brad spoke with veteran astronaut Nick Hague who has been in space for 10 months already. The astronaut was very surprised when he connected to mission control only to find Brad Pit on the other end of the call. The actor questioned a stunned and starstruck Hague and managed to ask some very good questions.

You see, days before the impromptu interview, the space stations crew had the pleasure of being the first to see Brad’s new movie. Meanwhile, back on earth, the film was only released a week later. Brad was curious to know what the crew had thought of the film and his portrayal of an astronaut, so Brad decided to interview the astronauts himself.

Brad Pitt Takes Over Mission

The actor, who must have been enjoying the unique experience, asked how realistic the movie had been when capturing the realities of space. He also asked what it was like to spacewalk, what daily life onboard the space station was like and what experiments they did up there. Astronaut Hague was more than happy to chat with Brad and much to the actor’s relief, the new film had very closely matched the realities of living in space.

Brad seemed genuinely interested in the day to day life onboard, and we can help but wonder if the actor is perhaps researching another role. Given that we often take what astronauts endure for science for granted it was quite refreshing to hear what daily life was really like for our brave astronauts.

Then Brad hit him with the serious questions when he asked Hague “who controls the jam box? Given that the space station is occupied by astronauts from all over the world, there must be quite a variety of music styles and genres of music that each is interested in. Hague admitted that to avoid conflict they have to rotate who gets to pick the tunes as they hurtle through space at 17000 miles per hour.

To finish off the interview Brad had one last question. He asked Hague who he thought made a better astronaut in the movies, him or George Clooney. Of course, Hague said Brad made the better astronaut and the two laughed as they said goodbye. While the point of the interview was to help launch Brad’s new movie, the interview was so informative it may even help encourage more young people to consider a career in science.