Why Do You Crave Chocolate?

Chocolate is a delicious treat whether it is in the form of chocolates themselves, a nice cake, or even a cookie. It never fails to disappoint but sometimes you may find that your body actively craves it. There is actually a scientific reason for why you want or feel that you need chocolate and here is what it is.

Dopamine Release

As you bite into that first delicious piece of chocolate cake and your taste buds cry out with joy you feel an instant sense of gratification. This is exactly what your body was craving. Or is it? That feeling of instant happiness is created by the neuro-transmitter called dopamine. This is essentially the feel-good chemical that tells your brain you are experiencing happiness. It is released whenever you do or eat something that makes you feel happy and content. It can be eating chocolate, watching a good movie, or any number of things.

A Stress Reliever

A dopamine release itself also leads to a very important thing so by default chocolate can be considered a stress reliever. When dopamine courses into your bloodstream in your brain, it tells the rest of the body to relax. This means that if you find yourself going through a stressful experience that you may want to nibble on a piece of chocolate which is your brain’s way of telling you you need to relax. Therefore it is totally okay to always have some chocolate on hand and have a piece or two when you are going through a hard time. It is a pretty healthy alternative compared to some other coping mechanisms.

Why Do You Crave Chocolate?

A Deficiency

Another cause that could make you have to have a big slice of chocolate cake is if your body has a magnesium deficiency. Usually, leafy greens are the go-to for this but dark chocolate is known for having a high concentration of the micronutrient. If you find that you are low in it then you can up your chocolate intake a bit but make sure that it is dark chocolate as too much sugar is not a good thing. You can also supplement with figs and avocados to make sure that you get all the magnesium you need.

You will be feeling better than ever if you get your daily dopamine fix and a little bit of your favorite sugary snack.