Trouble Waking Up: Try These Three Solutions

Ok, so your alarm clock goes off and you know that you have to wake up, start your day, and head off to work. For some people, they wake up feeling nice and refreshed after a good night’s sleep, for others it can mean you need a whole lot of coffee just to get your day started. Not to worry, there are ways to get yourself going and make your mornings just a bit easier. And no, we don’t mean using an intense ringtone that wakes you with a jolt.

Trouble Waking Up: Try These Three Solutions

No Snooze

The first thing you can do is to avoid hitting the snooze button for an extra five (or twenty) minutes of sleep. Falling back to sleep and then having to wake up all over again does not actually help you. In fact, it can make the whole process even more tiresome. Unfortunately, you will not wake up feeling more refreshed. It’s like taking off a band-aid, just do it and do it quickly.

Trouble Waking Up: Try These Three Solutions


This might sound like an odd one but in the winter you can set a timer to warm-up your room about half an hour or so before you wake. A cold room makes you want to stay in bed longer and leaves you wanting to remain tucked up under your warm covers. A warm room is much more inviting and can encourage you to get up and hop in the shower before you head off to work.

Use A Real Alarm Clock

Nowadays we all use our phones as alarm clocks, it is the first thing we check in the morning and usually the last thing before we go to sleep. Why not try an alarm clock that slowly lights the room, mimicking the rising of the sun. Set your alarm for the time you need to wake up and instead of the loud noise you usually hear, you will be woken up by the light that begins to gradually fill your room. This is a much more soothing way to be woken up and ultimately a much healthier method.

Try to avoid immediately going straight onto social media or being bombarded by those stressful work-related emails you received after hours – the morning is the perfect time to dedicate some time to yourself – and you deserve it.