Books Of The Week

We are back with our book round-up. We hope you have been enjoying the summer reads we have suggested so far but not to worry there are MANY more on the way. Naturally, we have chosen our top three which are sure to delight you and make it so that you are unable to put them down. No story should be left unfinished. This week love is in the air and each of these novels deals with a certain aspect of it from first love to new love. You’ll be seeing hearts by the time you finish these three books!

Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi Mcfarlane

That first love is the one that stays with you for the rest of your life, you always remember them because they were your first everything. For Georgina, a young woman in Sheffield, England she still thinks about her first love. Even more so after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her which is the catalyst she needs to shake up her life and move on to something better. That something better leads her to Luke, her first love, the only problem is that he has no idea who she is. She will have to make him fall in love with her but can she?

The Plus One by Sarah Archer

Finding Mr. Right isn’t easy for everyone. They don’t just stumble on him and the rest is a whirlwind romance that leads to the altar. For Jenny, she has not been able to date anyone in years let alone even find someone she has a connection with. But, she does have a particular set of skills as she is a robotics engineer. The solution to all her problems is to simply make her perfect man which she does. But now she is in love with a robot and nobody knows that ‘Ethan’ is not in fact a real man.

Books Of The Week

Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

This novel is less a romance and more about getting even for an office full of women who have to deal with a co-worker who has been less than respectful during the time they worked together. They have no concrete evidence of just how shady he is but they know that if they work together they can find out everything they need to prevent him from becoming CEO. The four women who band together each come from different walks of life but their mission to make sure those ‘whispers’ about him will be heard and with catastrophic results for all involved.