3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Side Hustle

We all like money and we all need money, this is an undeniable fact of life. But working full-time does not necessarily mean you are making enough to make ends meet or you may find that you want to have some free time that you would rather be filling with something worthwhile. These are just some of the reasons you should have a side hustle also known as a freelance or part-time job outside of your nine-to-five.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Side Hustle


If you read any book about saving for retirement or a big trip there is one thing that they all mention: have a second source of income. It may seem like a lot to do if you already work forty hours a week but think about this: what if that one hour you spend watching Netflix a night actually earned you an extra grand a month? That sounds pretty good we think. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet to consider taking on something part-time which can simply help to pay the bills each month.

Branch Out

Have you ever dreamed of being a writer or teaching English? Well, those are two of the easiest side hustles you can find. If you are a bit of a night owl then there are a ton of online teaching opportunities that pay well over $20 an hour and allow you to pick your own hours during the day or night. Same with freelance writing, many companies need ghostwriters for academic works, blogs, and so much more. You may just find that you decide to embark on a different career path after doing a side hustle you enjoy more than your real job. At the very least you will increase your skill set, make some money, and get to meet new students from around the world.

Taking A Break

Sometimes we all simply need a break. Professors do it in the form of a sabbatical where they go on paid leave to take a step back from the world of teaching and focus on their own research. If you are financially stable and have a job willing to let you take some time to yourself you should. During this time you can do a remote job to support whatever expenses you have or simply use the money to fund any special activities you want to try.

A side hustle is the way to go for anyone looking to make some extra cash or simply break up the monotony of the nine-to-five day!