The Minimalist: How To Declutter Your Bathroom

Opening a bathroom cupboard and having makeup brushes, tubes of unused hand cream, and old mascara fall out is annoying and not the key to having a clean space. The reality is that most people hold on to old cosmetics for years thinking that they will use them when they never do. According to doctors and cosmetologists, you are only supposed to keep makeup products for about 6 months before you need to purchase new ones. This avoids bacteria build-up and acts to keep your skin healthy. So open your bathroom cabinet and try these three methods to get it all organized and help you eliminate products you really don’t need from your collection.

The Minimalist: How To Declutter Your Bathroom

Take Everything Out Of Your Cabinet

The first step in decluttering your cabinet is removing every last item from its shelves. You can place things on the floor or in a plastic container in an orderly fashion. Once you have removed everything you should wipe down the cabinet as it is unlikely this has been done in awhile.

The Minimalist: How To Declutter Your Bathroom

Look At The Dates

Typically people will have five to ten products they use on a semi-regular basis such as make-up, hair care products, and so on. Check the date on your everyday products first to make sure nothing has expired or needs updating, Then move on to the older products and ask yourself have I ever used this and how old is this? If the answer is no to the first question toss it out. If it is unopened and not expired consider donating it. If It is expired, definitely throw it out as it could make someone ill should they decide to use it.


Now that you have a collection of products you use and that are up to date, and anything else you keep in your cabinet it is time to organize it. You do not want everything just clustered haphazardly. Instead, consider investing in containers that will separate everything. Put the hair products together, the serums, emulsions and other face products on one shelf until everything is in its place. The process of decluttering itself will be cathartic and at the end of it all, you will be able to open a well-organized, clean cabinet which will work to eliminate stress caused by mess.