Free Your Mind With Knitting

Have you ever received an hand-knit sweater or hat? It is always a unique item that you know has had a lot of time and love put into it. But besides producing a cool wearable piece of clothing, the act of knitting itself actually provides the knitter with some amazing benefits, other than making the receiver of the knitted piece happy. You may want to consider giving knitting a try if you find that you have an unquiet mind or idle hands.

Free Your Mind With Knitting

Reduce Anxiety

At times we can all feel anxious to a certain extent, some people find this can occur quite frequently while others just go for a run and let it fall away. If you are one of those people who sits and stews in their anxiety then perhaps you should consider picking up a pair of needles and knitting a quick scarf or challenging yourself to a woolen hat. The act of knitting forces you to focus on something outside of yourself, and as you make sure to pearl and maintain your pattern you find your concentration moving towards the knitting rather than inward introspection.

Free Your Mind With Knitting

Forming Social Connections

If you are prone to bouts of loneliness then knitting can be used as a source to meet other people either online or in your community. Knitters come from all walks of life, ages, and genders and form a bond around their common love of the activity. There will often be knitting circles in community centers, wool stores, and online forums for people to share their patterns and simply chat while knitting in a circle. It can also simply be something you do while you watch television before bed.

Pain Management

Some people who suffer from chronic pain have found that knitting can actually provide a release from the feelings associated with it. The key seems to be the focus on all of the mind-freeing benefits of knitting. By pulling the spotlight away from yourself and focusing on an activity like knitting you do not have the capacity to focus on the minutiae of your life and what is bothering you. When it comes to chronic pain, those who picked up knitting found that with their focus elsewhere their pain decreased and by being around fellow sufferers who were knitting they found an avenue in which they could share coping mechanisms.

If you simply want to give knitting a try for the fun of it you should but there are a TON more benefits to be had, you just may not have even realized you are experiencing them.