A Twist On The Gin Fizz

Imagine it is a warm spring day and you are sitting out on your patio or fire escape soaking up the sounds of the city. You may feel like you need the perfect cocktail to enhance this moment which is where this twist on the classic gin fizz comes in. It adds some tropical flavor to the already delicious beverage which will make you feel like your balcony has transported you to a tropical locale for a hot minute. Here is what you will need to make this special drink.

Ingredients for six servings:

1 ½ cups pineapple juice
¾ cup gin
90 ml of amaretto liqueur
2L of club soda
2 cups of ice


First, you will want to grab six glasses of equal size. Mason jars are always an easy choice or other glassware you have knocking about in your kitchen.

Next up, you can decide to grab a big juice or water container and mix a giant batch of pineapple gin fizz which can be placed in your fridge for later use or you can mix each of the six glasses individually. If you opt for the juice container, you will want to mix the pineapple juice, gin, and amaretto together. You can add the club soda once you have acquired the consistency of flavors you like. Some people like it very concentrated and sweet and others prefer it more watered down. Do not add the ice if you have made a mixture in bulk as the ice will melt while it is in the fridge and may water it down too much.

A Twist On The Gin Fizz

If you want to mix six glasses individually, simply divide the pineapple juice, gin, amaretto and club soda between the six glasses. You will then want to add some ice if your ingredients have not been kept in the fridge. A cold pineapple gin fizz is much more refreshing than a warm one!

Now, all you need to do is set out some coasters on the table on your balcony grab a good book if you are alone or sit back with your friends and enjoy the warm spring day. If you find that you want something a little bit extra to snack on, cubed watermelon is a good accompaniment as it will not overpower the flavors of the gin fizz. Sit back and enjoy!