Purse Found From 1954 During School Demolition Reveals Love Story

Things can often have a funny way of finding their way back to us. This incredible story of a purse that was discovered when a high school was demolished is just that kind of tale. The purse was dated back to 1954 but while the find itself is remarkable, it is the contents of the purse that truly matters here. The items found inside the purse would help to tell the story of the young woman who owned it, but would also reveal a specific turn of events for her. The high school that it was found in was located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. High school days are some of the best days of our lives, according to a survey done by The Guardian. High school reunions are fun and exciting events and catching up in the halls, where so much teen drama occurred, is a special kind of twilight zone. Imagine finding something from so long ago, with pieces of the person’s life inside.

Story within a story

A woman named Ann, from Georgia, once found a class ring in an old dresser drawer but strangely, she did not recognize the ring as it was from a school over 1,000 miles away.

However, Ann wanted to return the ring to its rightful owner and so she did some digging and reached out to the old high school superintendent.