Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Stars Look Like Now

The 1980s were truly an iconic decade that featured everything from notorious fashion faux pas and fantastic teen movies to the birth of music videos. Many of the most beloved stars in pop culture history rose to fame during the 1980s…here’s what those stars look like today.

Claudia Wells

Due to her mother’s illness, Wells did not appear in the sequels to Back To The Future, though she got to reprise the role (with her voice at least) over 26 years later for the game. In 1986 she was on the very short-lived show Fast Times (based on the film) where she portrayed Linda Barrett. From 1986-2008 she was absent from the acting world, but has since made some small appearances on TV, like on the show The Mentalist. In 2014 she was in the sci-fi film Starship: Rising and in 2015 will be in Room and Board.