The Truth Comes Out About Why Duck Dynasty Ended

Must Have Beards

The family’s beards aren’t just a choice: they were contractually obligated to have them for the show.

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Living the Party Life

Religious families aren’t exempt from temptations, as Jep Robinson admitted to doing just about every type of drug available as a teen. He was quite the hunk.

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Bringing Home the Bacon

The Robertson family business, Duck Commander, brought in $40 million in revenue in 2012 alone, while 30-second commercials on Duck Dynasty sold for as much as $180,000!

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Poor Comparison

Phil’s other scandals include comparing homosexuality with bestiality and quipping that women should get married at age 15. He and his wife, Kay, began dating when she was just 14.

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Riding in Style

Willie and the gang seemed like humble country folk on the show, but the money they made allowed Willie to cruise in style in a camouflage-painted BMW convertible.

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Rags to Riches

Phil Robertson came from humble beginnings, as he was one of seven children and had no electricity, toilet, or bathtub while growing up.

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Happy, Happy, Happy!

Though Phil said his family lived like it was the 1850s during the 1950s, they were always “happy, happy, happy!”

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Flying Off the Shelves

Once the show began, Duck Commander’s profits were just one slice of their profit pie. They made about $400,000 from merchandise sales alone in 2012!

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Famous Students

Phil wasn’t the only local boy to make it big, as he played high school football with NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw!

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Cleansed in the River

Phil was known to be very evangelical, and has enjoyed performing over 300 baptisms in the river near his house.

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The cast members’ distinct sense of style isn’t always appreciated, such as when Jase was kicked out of Trump International Hotel in New York City when a staff thought he looked homeless.

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Trumped-Up Support

Willie was one of the more outspoken celebrities in favor of Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Credit: Washington Post

Both Sides of the Aisle

Willie and Korie Robertson were invited to the 2013 White House Correspondents’ dinner and met President Barack Obama, who told them he was a big fan of the show.

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A Wild Past

While Al Robertson seems very conservative, he had a wild past that included drinking, using speed and sleeping with a married woman.

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Sneaky Cameras

Uncle Si was so shy around cameras initially that they actually hide to hide the cameras to catch him unaware.

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Unwanted Interest

Uncle Si soon learned that being famous means lots of offers of companionship from women and had to change his Facebook profile photo to one of him and his wife to slow down the offers.

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Highly Educated

Phil isn’t dumb. In fact, he has a master’s degree in education and formerly worked as a teacher.

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Well if butter wouldn’t melt. Phil is quite the picture of angelic innocence here. We wonder if he ever even thought about having a beard in his youth.


Following the Trends

Jep didn’t always subscribe to the bearded redneck look. In the late 90s, he wore his hair short and dyed blonde, just like rapper Eminem.

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Slim Shady

Well well well, we can imagine that he did not want this picture to surface. He looks like Stan from Eminem’s video.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.24.13

No Thanks, Ma’am

Key really enjoys cooking, but one meal is her favorite: fried frogs.

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So Fresh And So Clean Clean

The Robertson boys — Phil, Si, Willie, Jep, and Jase back in the day, preferred the cleaner look. Who knew that underneath all that hair, they were hiding handsome features?


Family Portrait

Well, this picture is very different to how they look now. Jase, Jep and Willie look as though they still got up to mischief at this age.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.12.41

Seargant Si

What about Si, we didn’t quite picture him looking like this without all the bristle. He looks like quite the Seargent. Which look do you prefer?


We’re Not Worthy

Willie’s net worth has been estimated at an eye-popping $20 million!


Impressive Finish

Willie’s daughter, Sadie, proved to be quite the dancer, coming in second place during the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars!

Credit: Gospel Herald

Showing Her Support

Sadie went on record as supporting Donald Trump for the 2016 election.

Credit: SheKnows

Dress Designer

Unlike her father, Sadie has no interest in the duck caller business. Instead, she works for Sherri Hill designing dresses.

Credit: Today Show

Scary Moment

Sadie has had some scary moments, such as when she was followed home by three men in 2017, but she kept her cool due to her parents’ teachings to be aware of her surroundings.

Credit: Christian Post

Millions Sold

Business has never been better for Duck Commander, as the Robertsons now sell 600,000 duck calls per year, compared with 60,000 units sold in 2011.

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What’s up With Philly?

While Phil is educated, he doesn’t keep up on technology such as cell phones and claims to be confused as to the point of social media.

Credit: ABC News

It’s The Beard Or Me

Jase said he loved having a beard, but his wife wasn’t such a fan. She didn’t mind when he had it just for duck season but bristled at the idea of him having it year-round for the show.

Credit: NBC News

Oh The Days Of Marital Bliss


Jase looked pretty different here as a newly wed. We wonder how long his life will last until she demands that he returns to his groomed groom days.

Controversial Comments

Jep is no stranger to controversy, as he said in a GQ interview that black people were treated better during the years of slavery in the US than the history books let on.

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Don’t Call Me Jules

Jep’s real name is “Jules” and he and his wife have a family that includes five children!


The Missing Son

Speaking of children, Phil actually has four, but only three wanted to appear on the show, with oldest son Alan deciding not to participate.

Credit: Duck Commander

Si’s Famous Cup

Uncle Si is very fond of a blue plastic cup that he got from his mother when he was in Vietnam. As a testament to the show’s popularity, the cup even has a Facebook page with thousands of likes!

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Struggling with Alcohol

Uncle Si hasn’t always had it easy, as he’s been open about a history of alcoholism and even suicide attempts. His son, Scott, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

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Dark Thoughts

Sadly, a history of mental illness has been present in the family for generations. Phil and Si’s mother was diagnosed as being manic depressive when they were young.

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Violent Temper

Phil was violent at times as a young man, even beating up the owner of a dive bar he leased when the owner wanted to raise the rent.

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Finding Faith

Phil’s wild days resulted in a short separation from wife Kay early in their marriage, which was concluded when Phil became faithful in God.

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Long-Term Relationship

Meanwhile, Willie and Korie have known each other since elementary school. Willie thinks getting together young is a good idea to avoid the baggage that can accumulate through years of various relationships.

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Sharp-Dressed Man

As the CEO of Duck Commander, Willie dresses up for important meetings even as he sports his wild hair and beard.

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More Employees Needed

The company has grown not just in sales, but size. From 2011 to their debut episode in 2012, they upped their employment from 15 workers to 75!

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Visit the Headquarters

Duck Commander HQ has also adjusted to acknowledge the family’s fame. The warehouse has its own gift shop and tours of the stockroom are available.

Credit: Duck Commander

Indecent Exposure

Although Al has fond memories of his father working in the bar, he sometimes saw things he shouldn’t have, such as when he saw people having sex behind the bar as a young boy.

al robertson 2

Hard Habit to Break

Seeing such things put Al on a path to the wild side, as he became sexually active at too young of an age, according to a recent interview.

al robertson

Bad Influence

Al’s future wife, Lisa, was impacted by her relationship with Al when they were in high school. Lisa says now that before dating Al she was a stereotypical good girl, but that changed quickly as the two tossed aside their inhibitions.


Getting Revenge

When Al had sex with a married woman in New Orleans, Lisa got back at him by “having sex with anyone available.” Her actions even led to her decision to get an abortion at one point.


Virtual Duck Dynasty

The popularity of the show led to the creation of a Duck Dynasty video game in 2014. In the game, players participated in mini games that included hunting, fishing, and…frog catching.

dd game 2

Poorly Received

Unsurprisingly, the Duck Dynasty viewing experience didn’t quite translate into a great video game. Critics savaged the game upon its release and it has since been largely forgotten.

dd game

Medical Troubles for Korrie

Korrie recently voiced the truth about medical troubles that she went through in the past. At one point, she had a hysterectomy that she never revealed to the show’s fans. Although the family laughs about the ordeal now, she said being unable to move for two weeks was frustrating and scary.


Jep Gives Details

Jep Robertson has recently revealed some of the details about the tragic instances of sexual abuse that happened to him when he was a boy. Surprisingly enough, the incidents took place on a school bus, which is supposed to be a safe place.

jep 2

Bullied By An Older Girl

Jep said that he was just 6 years old when the incidents occurred. The perpetrator was not a boy, but an older girl “that was just real mean.” Jep was so small that he was helpless against her.

jep 1

Power of Forgiveness

Kay showcased her ability to forgive when she took back Phil in the 1970s. Phil’s alcoholism got so bad that he accused her of having an affair and threw her out of the house. He even threw out Alan, Jase, and Willie along with her!

phil kay

Stunt Doubles, Maybe?

For more proof that reality TV isn’t all that real, in 2012 a casting email went out to find bearded actors who could stand in for the Robertsons at certain times!

Credit: Fox News


Another damning fact: Phil Robertson himself even remarked that the show is “fake.”

dd 2

Put Up or Shut Up

Phil was known to stick his foot in his mouth from time to time, even getting suspended for a couple of weeks in 2013 after criticizing homosexuality in a GQ interview.

Credit: Huffington Post

Young Love

Typical American sweethearts, we actually love this throwback.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.23.45

Say Cheese

The picture of innocence, who would have guessed it’s the same family.

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Suicidal Tendencies

Being a celebrity isn’t always easy. Though Reed Robertson is now 22 and happily married, when he was 18 he admitted that he had once considered suicide.

Credit: Daily Mail

Holiday Cringey Photos

These baby faced love birds were clearly feeling the Hawaiian vibes. This holiday photo has sneakily found its way into our hands. We wonder what they will think about this shot now when they look back at this.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.24.02

What A Heartthrob

Woweee, what a hunk! This Robertson would have stolen our hearts back in the day.

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