The Best Celebrity Clashes


Celebrities often fall in love after working together, on screen their romance blossoms into real life. Yet we don’t often hear about the stars that secretly cannot stand working together. These celeb feuds are definitley interesting.

He Would Want To Put Baby In A Corner

Dirty Dancing is a classic. Yet Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were not the star-crossed lovers they portrayed. Swayze Grey’s characters, Baby and Jonny had a lot of arguments on screen in the film, however, in between takes it wasn’t such a pleasant experience. Patrick was extremely annoyed that it took Jennifer many takes to get the scenes right, and did not appreciate her messing around on set.

Kardashian Clash

Another Kardashian makes the list! So here’s the backstory; Scott Disick was Kourtney Kardashian’s longtime one and off again boyfriend. Since their split, 34 year old Scott has begun dating 19 year old Sofia Richie. In a catty remark on Instagram , Jenner commented on a picture of Scott, Sofia and Scott’s three children; ‘Aw, Scott and his kids,’ along with the laughing emoji. Fans were quick to note that this was an obvious jab at the couple’s age difference. One thing we sure know is you shouldn’t cross a Kardashian.

Not So Nice In The City

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are the stars of the ever popular show Sex and the City. On screen, they played the best of friends, that girls worldwide envied and wanted to be like. However, off the screen, things weren’t so peachy. Both big personalities, Kim Cattrall was apparently outraged that S.J.P was being paid twice as much as the other cast members. Seriously though we’d take your salary any day Kim.

The X Files

Gillian Anderson and David Duchnovny rose to the height of popularity with the release of the hit TV show, The X-Files. While they smiled and joked on screen, in real life, this was absolutely not the case. David once opened up in an interview, that they both did not get on well, and that just the sight of Gillian was enough to make him ill. Well now that the show is no more, we hope David is feeling better!

Mean Girls

It all started when Kathy Griffin was asked by a fan; “Who’s the douchiest person you’ve met?” Griffin responded, “Debbie Lovato is a little douche.” Lovato fans were so outraged that they began sending death threats to Griffin. Demi soon stepped in to tell her fans to ‘chill out.’ Yikes.

Gossip Girls Go At Each Other

Even though Blair and Serena were best friends on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were not! A source close to the actresses claims that Leighton was offended that Blake never congratulated her when she got engaged to Adam Brody. Now the pair avoids each other as much as possible. At least they don’t have to work together anymore.

Elevator Alert

We all saw the footage and we were all stunned. A video was released of the sister of Beyonce, Solange, coming to physical blows with Jay Z in an elevator. Allegedly, Solange was drunk and apologized the following day and the two would patched things up. We have a feeling we didn’t get the full story.

Cat Fight

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no strangers to tabloid controversy. Their feud with Taylor Swift is complicated and packed with juicy gossip. It all started when Kanye infamously grabbed the mic from Taylor at the 2009 VMA’s claiming that Beyonce rightfully deserved the award. Years later, after Kanye featured a particularly suggestive lyric about Taylor in his 2017 song ‘Famous,’ Taylor publicly condemned the singer for the misogynistic narrative of the song. Drama struck when Kim posted a video to Snapchat of a phone conversation between Swift and West, allegedly proving she gave him permission to use the lyric. We’re still watching to see how this pans out.

[post_page_titl]Battle of the Boys[/post_page_title]

In July 2014, it was reported that Justin Bieber had flirted with Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr. After the news got Bloom the two men were involved in a punch up in Ibiza. No one was her but there’s some definite bad blood between the two stars.

Romeo And Juliet

Oh Leonardo, what a heartthrob! Everybody loves Leo, right? Apparently not… Claire Danes obviously wasn’t whisked off her feet by his charm and good looks on set. Word on the grapevine is that she wasn’t so impressed by his childish during the filming of Romeo and Juliet in the 90’s. Well, we would have swapped roles with you, Claire.

9021 Uh O

Beverly Hills 90210 was THE television show of its time. Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth probably didn’t enjoy their time on set together too much, as their relationship was admittedly very up and down. Jennie stated that they were both very young during filming and it got quite intense. The two starlets were merely trying to find their paths in the acting world. Now that they are older and wiser, things between them are reportedly sweet as pie. They even appeared together in the recent remake of the show.

Real Life Rebels

Freddie Prinze Jr. has not held back on describing how terrible for him it was to work alongside co-star Keifer Sutherland. Freddie commented in an interview, that working with Keifer on 24 was unbearable for him, that he hated every second of it. “He was the most unprofessional dude in the world and that is not me talking trash. I would say it to his face. I think everyone that has worked with him has said that.” Who would win in a fight do you think?

Reece-ent Events

Reese Witherspoon it seems is the only person who isn’t amused by the hilarious Vince Vaughn. While filming the seasonal movie Four Christmases in 2008, there was reportedly controversy between the co-stars about the shooting. Reese wanted to practice scenes before filming, but Vince just wanted to do what he does best- to ad lib. After filming ended Reese never walked the red carpet with him at the premiere. So has the air been cleared? Watch this space.

Too Close For Comfort

The world could not wait to tune into the Kardashians, when Rob began dating Blac Chyna, the ex of his sister’s boyfriend, rapper Tyga. They famously feuded over social media, until one day they took a selfie together and pretended that they were friends all along. Well now both parties have split, so it seems there was no need for the beef.

This Prince Aint So Fresh

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was an absolute hit in the 90’s. The show starred Will Smith and is even making a come back. Janet Hubert who played the role of the original Aunt Viv, claims that it was all Will Smith’s fault that she was fired back in 1993, arguing that he is a “snotty-nosed punk”. Unsurprisingly she won’t be making an appearance on the reunion show.

A Famous Feud

This well-known feud between Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts has gone down in history. Though they are lovers on screen in I Love Trouble, that couldn’t be further from real life. They both admitted that they hated one another. Julia spoke of their feud to the New York Times describing Nolte as “completely disgusting”. He retorted, “She’s just not a nice person, and everyone knows that”.  This Pretty Woman’s comments were not so pretty.

50 Shades Of Go Away

If you have read and seen the film 50 Shades of Grey, it is obvious that the stars of the movie just didn’t have the right chemistry on screen. Well did you know that Jamie Dornan actually admitted to hating Dakota? THis would explain it. He stated that she is very hard to work with and said that he tried, but he just couldn’t make it work with her. However Dakota has responded saying that it wasn’t her, but he was the one who was hard to work with. Somehow we find that hard to believe. Jamie even threatened not to come back for the sequel.

Not So Golden Girls

Betty White is the TV queen, that’s for sure! Although her co-star on the Golden Girls, Bea Arthur wouldn’t agree. When they weren’t shooting, the two were at each other’s throats, but it wasn’t Betty’s fault. Bea was jealous when Betty received an Emmy nomination before she did. We don’t know about you, but we are Team Betty.

Tomorrow Never Dies But Friendship Does

Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher had a few arguments during the shooting of Tomorrow Never Dies. At the time Teri was newly pregnant and said that Brosnan had no patience for her whatsoever when she had morning sickness. His nasty remarks caused a big old slap in the face from Teri. You go, girl!

Desperate Housewives In A Cat Fight

Life on Wisteria Lane was not as perfect as it seemed. Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross clashed a lot according to sources. Tension rose during a shoot for Vanity Fair, where Marcia Cross threw a hissy fit that Teri Hatcher was front and center. Apparently, Teri kept to herself and didn’t hang out with the rest of the cast off screen.


Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf played brothers in Lawless, but that doesn’t mean they were bros in real life. They are both known for having fiery personalities, let’s just say that a lot of fights broke out between the two. They both admitted that they fought like cat and dog in-between takes.

Not Such A Gleeful Situation

Take a bunch of actors and actresses that sing and dance, and you can imagine that there is going to be a lot of drama. With the cast of Glee, this was certainly the case, but one feud really set off the bonfire. Naya Rivera and Lea Michele absolutely hated each other and were not shy about it. They got into heated arguments on set, causing Lea to not want Naya to be a part of the cast anymore. In the end, Lea got her way, and Naya was written out of the last two episodes of Season 5, not returning for the final season. Cat fight eat your heart out.

Not So Starry In Stars Hollow

Luke and Lorelai’s relationship in Gilmore Girls had fans of the show hooked right until the very end. lovers of the on screen couple will be saddened to know (we are heartbroken) that Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson were not so loved up in real life. In 2005, Lauren told an interviewer that she really wanted for her character, Lorelai to be with Christopher instead of Luke because she did not get on with Patterson. I guess they don’t follow the theme song ‘where you leave, I will follow’.

Hate Triangle

If you are a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you won’t have forgotten the controversial axing of Isaiah Washington, after he made a homophobic slur towards TR Knight (George). It has just come to light that the comment was made during a fight between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Knight. It seems that Patrick was sticking up for Knight, and Washington was not so happy about it.

When They Fall In Love On And Off Screen It Can Only Go Wrong

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were loved by One Tree Hill Fans worldwide, as their characters Lucas and Brooke fell in love on the show. This was especially amazing for followers of the TV hit when they fell in love off screen as well. but not long after their romance began, it ended abruptly. Chad cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton on the set of House Of Wax and they got divorced. In an interview, Sophia was asked if it was hard filming with her ex-husband. The star stated “My job is my first priority and if I have to work with him for the next five years, I just have to deal with it, so I don’t really have time to hate him. Because of my job, I just let it go”. We love you, Sophia. However, we preferred Peyton!

Family Feud

Balthazar Getty got himself into quite a mess on the Television drama, Brothers and Sisters. He was reportedly always late for shooting and changed the schedule to suit himself. He would often forget his lines and made cutting comments to his costars. He had a famous affair with Sienna Miller, whose ex, Matthew Rhys, was his co-star on Brothers and Sisters. He was then written off the show but the bosses claimed that it was because of the budget.

Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair

Charlie Sheen doesn’t have the best reputation in Hollywood, and unfortunately, poor Selma Blair got the brunt of it on Anger Management. When he heard that she complained about his work ethic, he got her fired. That was a low blow. Charlie left the cast and crew waiting for hours for him to show up for shoots. He sent even sent Selma a series of repulsive and abusive texts to let her know she was fired. He did you a favor Selma.

Martin Lawrence Was Very Naughty

Tisha Campbell quit the hit Fox show, Martin, after she filed a sexual harassment claim against co-star Martin Lawrence. She played the role of his wife on the show but made strict arrangements with the producers that she would only shoot her scenes when Martin was not even on set. Well as you can imagine this arrangement made shooting difficult for everyone involved on the show. However, if we were Tisha we wouldn’t want to be around Martin either!

Robot Bust Up

The feud between Star Wars stars, Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels is slightly petty if you ask us. Even though they were best robot friends as R2-D2 and C-3PO, they didn’t get along so swimmingly in real life. Daniels supposedly turned his back after Baker said hi to him. Well, Baker’s ego didn’t like that at all, he said of the incident, “It was the rudest thing anyone has ever done to me. I was furious. It was unbelievable”. Ever heard of forgiving and forgetting Baker?

Bad Blood

Even though Jay-Z and Kanye West were known as the best duo in Rap, with Jay Z even being Kanye’s mentor, now they have bad blood between them. How did this feud happen? Kanye publicly shamed Jay-Z for not trying to extend his condolences to him after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Kanye West who knows what he could do.

Sharon Stone And William Baldwin

It always comes as a surprise when on screen lovers actually hate each other in real life. This was the case for Sharon Stone and William Baldwin. They fought so badly on set that they made the production a terrible experience for everyone involved. Apparently Stone bit his tongue when she felt he went overboard with kissing her.

Not So Charlie’s Angels

Apparently, the story goes that Bill Murray was so awful to Lucy Liu on the set of Charlie’s Angels that he had to be replaced by Bernie Mac.

Anne Hathaway And James Franco

Well, this was a moment that would forever be remembered as the most uncomfortable and awkward to watch presenting in the history of the Oscars. Franco claimed Hathaway was too much of a goody two shoes.

American Idol

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj famously didn’t get on as co-judges on American Idol. Mariah called Nicki a ‘bitter and insecure’ person.

Groundhog Day

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis were friends but then fell out while filming Groundhog Day.Thankfully the two co-stara made up before Ramis’s death in 2014.

Does Charlie Sheen Get Along With Anyone?

Charlie Sheen memorably had a racist rant at the director of Two and a Half Men, for which of course he was then fired. Even though we love Ashton and don’t condone any of Sheen’s behavior, the show is not the same without him.

Hollywood Homocide

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are a surprising pair for a feud, however apparently they refused to make eye contact during filming. We wonder what it could have been about. Oh actors and their egos!

Lars Von Trier and Bjork

Singer Bjork apparently hated working with director Lars Von Trier so much that she actually spat on the ground instead of talking to him.

Bette Davis And Joan Crawford

The feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? will forever go down in history as one of the greatest fights of all time. Davis named Crawford a “phony c**t.” Crawford’s response was hilarious, she had a genius idea to wear lead weights in the scene where Davis has to drag her out of bed. Comedy gold.

Batman And His Enemies

Tommy Lee Jones And Jim Carrey apparently refused to sit next to each other when the camera wasn’t rolling on the set of Batman Forever.

Not So Charmed

The Charmed co-stars Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano hated each other so much, it led to Doherty leaving the show.

Jonny And Angelina

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are two of the most well-known celebrities worldwide,and it comes as no surprise that they butted heads on set. Their attitudes clashed so much during shooting The Tourist, apparently he has said on numerous occasions that she is very into herself. Even though their chemistry on-screen was amazing,(they can surely act) in real life, not so much.