Hilarious Gym Photos That Will Leave You In Tears

Many people start going to the gym to lose a bit of weight, thinking they know what they’re doing. This makes the gym an interesting place to people watch. These hilarious gym fails will have you falling off your chair, and also wondering what goes through the mind of some people.

Old Age Goals

Despite her age, this glamorous lady insists on staying young at heart, and that of course includes sipping a margarita whilst watching the buff men lift weights and flex their muscles. She does do exercise though, of course she walks around the gym admiring those who know what they are doing.

Not Quite How It’s Done

Umm sir, we don’t think that your head is supposed to go in that part of the machine.

Outfit Goals

Her husband has the right idea. He has a lot of breathing room for that power walk to the gym, and his knees will be very protected at the squat rack. We hope he has a weights partner to spot him.

Not Exactly Butt Nearly

This lady looks like she needs a personal trainer to explain the rules. Or maybe she wants to give her head a workout.

Grandma’s Still Got It

This lovely old lady proves that no matter your age you can still workout. Just look at how high her legs go. We bet she puts everyone else to shame.

The Machine Won’t Move Itself

Technically if you go to the gym and sit on the machine then you’re working out right? Turning the newspaper pages does burn calories after all.

Annnddd Stretch

There is no time like the present to get agile. These elderly folk aren’t letting a bout of arthritis get in the way.

Woops Khloe

This Kardashian sister recently found a love for fitness, and famously documents her workouts on social media. Yet this time, her gym bathroom selfie was a huge fail, when fans noticed she photoshopped her legs to make them look thinner, but failed to notice that the shape of the mirror changed too.


Umm That Is Not How It Is Done

So this lady clearly knows how to squat, but when it comes to other machines, sometimes trying to work out what to do is not the best option. The head is definitely not supposed to be there, it is just not how it is done. We think she should probably ask one of the trainers and save herself the embarrassment.

Precious Time

This lady decided to multitask rather than wait around while her hair sets. Waiting on the couch is undoubtedly much more comfortable than the exercise machine the lady in pink is situated on, but credit is given where credit is due, and this strong woman should be praised for taking every spare minute she has to tone up her body and stay in shape. We hope we will be motivated at this age.

Purrr-haps Not?

We do often wonder some people think when they choose their outfits.  This cat leotard is surely only ever appropriate for Halloween and that is it! It is even made worse by the precarious position he knelt in, stretching a client’s leg out. This lady’s expression reflects ours to.

Exhaustion Hits

When the exhaustion kicks in, you just have to have a rest no matter where you are or what exercise you were in the middle of. This guy made the abs ball his resting station We just hope he knows that this is not the way to use this piece of equipment.

Sweat Dreams

After a long day of work, sometimes then is nowhere you would rather be less than at the squat rack. Nothing like the middle of a gym to have a quick power nap before you continue your workout. The towel just adds that little extra covering from the light. Maybe she should consider a couple shots of espressos before doing any heavy lifting, just to be on the safe side.

New Year Resolution

It is almost that time of the year again, and somehow no matter how many years pass, these resolutions always repeat themselves. We buy the new gym membership, swearing to ourselves that we will commit to going to the gym 5 times a week. Then we go once and realize it is not as fun or easy as we thought. So we just chill on social media on the machine as if it is working by itself.

Defeating The Purpose

Escalators are a great solution for malls and other structures that are made of several stories since they take less time than elevators and can fit more people on them at once without having to wait for the next cart to come. However, placing escalators outside a gym seems to defeat the purpose of exercising don’t you think?

Coming To The Rescue

Seeing Batman in the flesh running on a treadmill at your local gym is a sight we would hate to miss. It is highly evident these girls never expected their workout session would include the hunk behind the mask either, but it is very reassuring to know those who keep us safe at night are still out there.

The Ultimate Test

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of healthy food that is rich in nutritional value. Additionally, we do not think trainers employed by the gym categorize the delicious treat as a valid way to ‘carb up.’ If anything, this stand could have been put up in order to shame all that approached it to stay away from the fried dough of their dreams, a scare tactic that would have worked on many.

Big Problems

Gyms are the one place that you would expect not to discriminate against different shapes and sizes. The poor guy in the picture below signed up for his local Chicago based gym because he thought the membership deal offered was a good one, but he forgot to check one minor detail – that it was capable of accommodating his tall frame. Needless to say he found a way around it.

Baby On Board

While there are exercises that consist of working out with your baby, we are pretty sure this was not one of them. The adorable baby might seem at ease in the picture, but that is because it has no idea its father is risking its life by holding extremely heavy weights above both their heads. He totally nailed it, but we do not recommend trying this one at home.

Never Skip Leg Day

There is a reason that those who work out regularly understand the importance of not skipping leg day – if you do, you end up looking severely unbalanced like the guy in the picture below. Moral of the story here ladies and gentlemen, never neglect a body part.


Well if Ronald can give up the chicken nuggets we guess we will have to as well. What a role model he is. It is all about balance isn’t it. So does that mean that after the workout then you can go have a double Mcflurry? Because if it does, then Ronald, you can count us in.

Weigh Your Options

Yes he looks impressive, but when he trips off the weights he is standing on and the bar hits him over the head, he will be sorry and so will his friend who will have to pick up the pieces.  So kids, this is not cool or funny. We wonder how many he will last before it goes horribly wrong.

Friendly Support

You know what they say, friends that workout together stay together. We would however recommend other techniques to strengthen one’s core muscles than pile up to form a human building block as it would not take much to make them all collapse. When you don’t have the proper equipment, you have to think outside the box and they certainly did.

As Fast As You Can

Technology has brought numerous amazing inventions to humanity. More often than not, we found that the innovations offered had one main purpose – to make our lives a lot easier. This woman purchased a Segway to help her cut down on unnecessary walking, but using it on a treadmill, this is definitely a new revolution.

Upward Facing Dog

There is nothing better than having a gym buddy to workout with, who will do your work out routine with you and follow the same moves so you can check out each other’s form. Dogs really are a man’s best friend, so a pooch is the perfect companion. This pup has nailed the cobra. Just look at those puppy dog eyes. The guy on the other hand, needs to take some lessons from his pet.

Dedicated Athlete

Better safe than sorry, but the man in the picture is taking some extreme safety measures that seem a little redundant considering he’s on a stationary bike. I don’t think he understands the difference between a gym stationary bike and a mountain bike. He bought a special outfit just for his gym sesh, helmet included just in case he falls off the stationary bike.

Always Challenge Yourself

We all know how boring the treadmill is. Often we need to find a good show to watch while power walking on an incline, or even an interesting podcast. This guy took multi-tasking to a whole new level when he took his knitting to the gym. Great gym hack if you ask us. We are just not sure how he managed to do it.

Music To My Back

The right music totally sets the mood and helps you get pumped to pump iron. This guy kind of missed the point of having music on your phone. We can’t imagine squat jumps or burpees will be easy to do with an iPad. Each to their own they say.

Send Help

There is a reason gyms employ trainers – so that people do not make mistakes like the guy in the picture is making. It would be better to ask for advice than use something the wrong way and end up being seriously hurt. We just hope someone got to him in time to stop him from trying to lift those weights with his feet, as they could have easily fallen onto him.

Gym Style 2018

Maybe this chick thought that she was bringing sexy back, and trying to create a new gym trend for next year. That does not look comfortable. Someone needs to remind her that she is on the treadmill, not at a water park. Well whatever floats your boat, but this is definitely a fail for us.

The Incredible Hulk

Thankfully, this picture is not a video, since we could not watch what would happen next. The well-built man at the bottom of the machine seems less than concerned about the number of weights and amount of pressure applied onto his lower body, but despite the visible muscles bulging out of his T-shirt and the trusty sidekick trainer by his side, something tells us the man is not the Incredible Hulk. To push oneself is good, but to exaggerate is precarious.

Full Fat, Free Time

Among the many types of individuals that come to the gym on a daily basis are those that arrive simply for the sake of making a joke out of the whole deal. The man in the picture was fed up with exhausting training sessions that lead him to sweat more than he could bear, so he decided to do the exact opposite – walk into the gym with an Entertainment Weekly magazine in one hand and a full-fat cupcake in the other.

All Brains And Brawn

If The Thing from Fantastic Four were ever to emerge from comic books and come alive, it would look like this man. It is almost as though his brain is visible through his skull, but in reality, he is trying so hard to lift those abnormally heavy weights that his veins are popping out all over his body. He could combust at any second.

Running Like A Rodent

New workout methods are always exciting. This instrument, which highly resembles a hamster running wheel, is the freshest one out there. If you always dreamed of running like a rodent – or at least wondered what it felt like – now you’ll know. The only thing that looks worrying, is how to stop.

Train The Trainer

The gym trainer at this local health club looks a lot like the person it is pointing his finger at, which gets us to think the two might be related. Needless to say, as is evident from the picture, the student has become the master and seems to be in better shape. If the trainer does not give a personal example of being a healthy individual and one that makes critical, conscious dietary decisions every day, you would probably not want them as your new physical life coach.

Relationship Goals

Motivational quotes and constant reassuring messages remind you to stick to your goal and not give up when things get tough. Those who practice physical training rely on those words of wisdom to keep spirits high, but if there’s something that pushes one even further it’s having someone you love by your side. This couple apparently feels very comfortable around each other, but is this more of a distraction we wonder.

Leaving Little To The Imagination

This guy must have either taken a shower and realized after looking at his fitbit that he didn’t complete his 10,000 steps, or perhaps someone stole his clothes. Whatever his reason for, this is a very unusual method of taking the treadmill we must say. Some people have no shame these days.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Now she has the right idea, burn off the ice cream while you are eating it, so it is basically guilt free. Now we get it. We might try this, does that mean we can bring in a tub of Ben n Jerry’s in then?


This action candid shot is just hilarious. This guy in the front is crying in pain from lifting such heavy weights and begging that it will stop to his trainer trying to support him, while the guy behind is posing in the mirror and checking out his physique, sort of mocking the guy in pain. We feel for you sir.


Bouncy Balls

We are not sure what fancy trick this guy tried to do with these medicine balls, but we know the outcome was not pretty. Well they do say practice makes perfect, but when it comes to detailed workout tricks, you have to be super careful. The landing on that hard floor will not have been enjoyable we can only imagine. Get back up and keep trying.


Squat Rack Fail

This guy needs to practice his squat challenge a little more before he starts to get too ahead of himself. This does not look like a pretty sight, or enjoyable outcome when the weights fall and he topples over. We just hope that someone was available to help him out, he looks as if his head is about to explode.


Innovation Station

When the treadmill just doesn’t look appealing, this woman found a hack that will solve all issues and you still lose calories of course. Place a chair onto the running machine and then sit on top of the chair over the treadmill, and it does all the work for you.


Failing Failing Failed

This was bound to end in disaster if you ask us. Look we get it sir you have muscles, but showing off to the rest of the gym can only end in misery and pain. This was a total disaster, but we just hope he learnt his lesson.


Do You Even Lift Bro?

Men at the gym like to build up weight quickly to compete with the other males, and to get big muscles as fast as possibly. This guy really over estimated himself. We just hope who ever took this picture, quickly rushed to help him straight after.

Step Up

Don’t you just hate those days when you rush out of the house, so late for work and realize only when you get to the gym, that you left your sneakers at home.  Imagine trying to do squats in 7 inch heels we would not recommend this, so don’t try this at home ladies and gentlemen.

Quick Newspaper break

What better way to enjoy a quick break from leg day than a scan through the newspaper. We know this trick, you end up sitting there until you finish reading the paper back to back, and then it is time to go home. Good one. Maybe we should think about bringing a paper in to the gym next time we just want to read. Obviously sitting in the gym counts as a workout right?