The Real Story Behind The Bizarre Life of the ‘Human Barbie’


Before She Became Barbie

Although she now resides in the Ukraine, Valeria Lukyanova originally came from the small eastern European nation of Moldova. She had the usual childhood adoration for dolls. Unlike most girls, however, Lukyanova did not simply play house with her dolls and marry them off to Ken dolls. She took great interest in the impeccable symmetry of their bodies. This fascination, of course, never faded with her childhood.

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Growing Up Normal

Valeria Lukyanova grew up in a seemingly normal environment in Moldova, back when it was still a part of the USSR. Her mother, Irina, worked for the Russian army and her father was a builder, who also worked a second job as a DJ. She was a beautiful little girl who eventually grew to be a beautiful young woman. Did Lukyanova’s parents know there was something different about their innocent daughter? Did they get a sense of things to come when she played with her beloved Barbie dolls growing up? Read on to find out.

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Life Changing Decisions

Since her father worked two seemingly opposite jobs as a both a builder and a DJ, Lukyanova grew up knowing she could always go in non-conventional directions, as you will soon see. Knowing she could do anything she wanted, when things started to heat up between Russia and the Ukraine in 2014, Lukyanova decided to move someplace far away to escape the war. She then decided on a pretty unusual destination—Mexico. Would her unexpected choice of location make her unusual career choice easier?


Not Like Her Parents

Lukyanova grew up watching her parents struggle to make ends meat. Her father had to take up two jobs while her mother worked hard to support Valeria and her siblings. Was this what made her think that she did not want a boring life? Who knows. She knew she had to earn a living and started to think of how she could do this.

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Before Her Transformation

Lukyanova did not just one day morph into a beautiful human Barbie. Before her transformation, she could still turn heads, even without makeup and extreme lengths. In 2007, she won the title of Miss Diamond Crown of the World. Little did anyone know that her childhood hobby would manifest itself in her appearance and morph into an obsession.

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The Transformation Begins

Originally, Lukyanova denied getting any physical enhancements done. However, becoming a flawless human Barbie doll would not come easily, and meant that she needed to have perfect proportions, which requires some serious work. So she started off with getting breast implants. But after one surgery it becomes addicting, what was she going to do next?


Her Body’s ‘Natural Shape’

For a while, Lukyanova refused to acknowledge that her body had been altered. According to her, her figure was down to great genes and a vigorous diet and exercise regime. However, people were skeptical. A 19-inch waist is not biologically possible for someone of her height and proportions, many pointed out. Even the world’s most celebrated supermodels don’t have waists that small. So how is her figure possible? It became increasingly clear that Lukyanova had undergone some sort of major surgery.


Moulding Her Perfect Body

According to many skeptics, Lukyanova has achieved this body because she had several of her ribs removed. To prove it, critics pointed right to her bikini pictures, which revealed large breasts with no upper ribs to support them, a waist that clearly disappears inward. We do have to admit that surgery or no surgery, maintaining such an enviable body cannot be easy. So just how does she do it? Her methods will probably surprise you.


An Exercise in Discipline

Lukyanova has admitted in interviews, that she eats very little and mostly drinks her meals. She is admittedly very selective about when she allows herself to eat. Working out is a big part of Lukyanova’s routine for the perfect body. In fact, she even forces herself to wait several hours after exercising before eating or drinking. She also does not allow herself any water while she eats. This lifestyle may sound extreme as it is, but believe it or not, she took it even further. What Lukyanova tried to do next was even more extreme and even more dangerous.


Living on the Air

Many supermodels follow strict diets. Yet Lukyanova went even beyond any level of strictness. For some time, she attempted to live as a breatharian, where she tried to survive by living off nothing but sunshine and air. Unsurprisingly, it did not quite work out as planned. Still, she says she wants to attempt it again.


Opposed to the Light

One necessary part of the breatharian’s restrictive diet is sunlight. Lukyanova allegedly managed to live off air alone. Those pictures you see of her lounging on a sandy beach, exposing her delicate skin to the sun’s rays? That’s all for show, claims Lukyanova. She actually tries to avoid daylight as much as possible, as Barbie does not exactly go for a tan look.


All Natural–Almost

Lukyanova strongly claimed for a long time that she was the real deal: no plastic, no surgery scars, just enviable all-around natural perfection. Eventually, she had to admit that her breasts had some work, she could not deny the claims any longer. Slowly, over time, she confessed to some other complicated procedures. She recently said she no longer wants anything else, but will she be able to resist?

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The Sister

Lukyanova also has a sister, Olga. Like her sister, she has dark, intense eyes. She is also naturally beautiful, kind of what Lukyanova looked like before she began to surgically enhance her features.
Did she tell her sister her big plans?


Just Like Barbie

According to Olga, she used to really envy her sister’s looks, so she tried desperately to be like her. Although Olga gave her sister’s look a try, in the end she struggled to fit into this identity. But does she also share her sister’s unique take on life?

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An Example

Olga explained that these days, she does not try so hard to be like her sister. Instead, she tries to simply “look at her as an example.” She did admit that she is shocked that so many people consider her sister to be a Barbie because she “associates [the word] with an unintelligent person.” Olga believes that her sister is much more than a pretty doll that just looks perfect all the time. However, Lukyanova has a different view.


Never Perfect Enough

Lukyanova believes that “perfection has no limitations.” She refuses to settle for just “okay.” Even so, Lukyanova can admit that the quest for perfection and self-reinvention can be tiring, especially when the outside world is watching.


The Price of “Perfect”

Carrying around a title as huge as the human Barbie can get tiring. Lukyanova has said in interviews that it often hurts her to be seen as a novelty rather than a living being. While she enjoys the extra attention she gets for her unique looks and perfectly-designed figure, she does not want her identity to depend on these things alone. Further more, not everyone has been so happy about the situation and openly mocked her. Some people have been very cruel, as you will soon see.


The Attack

It was 2014, and Halloween in the city of Odessa. Lukyanova was about to get settled in at home for the night when the unthinkable happened. Two unnamed assailants attacked Lukyanova just outside her house. They punched and strangled her. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.


The Media’s Fire

“I noticed that the media is only interested in the negative,” Lukyanova said. “Show someone in a bad light, show someone’s mistakes.” In one video, she said “I hope they don’t expose me.” But what other secrets are there to expose?


The Energy Vampire

Lukyanova has gone so far as to describe herself as an “energy vampire”–that is, someone who thrives off negativity rather than getting beat from it. She doesn’t the attention to fade and will add fuel to any fires she starts if that means it will come her way. In one video, she attempted to prove to skeptics that all her ribs were still intact, her waist small without any doctoring.

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Alien Beliefs

In a written piece put out by Vice, entitled Space Barbie, Lukyanova announced that she is not human at all, but instead a creature from another planet who has a thing or two to teach clueless humans.


Out of This World

According to Lukyanova, she is actually from Venus. At least, that’s what said she thinks she remembers. She claims that ever since childhood she has had a hyperawareness and seen swirling spiral visions. According to one report, her mother drew a circle around her bed in chalk, as if to separate her from the universe around her.

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Of Body, Of Spirit

Because of these so-called past experiences with the spiritual realm, Lukyanova aimed for a more-than-perfect physical form. She strives to truly understand the depth of the spirit–and she wants to help others do the same. Lukyanova believes herself to be something of a spiritual expert. She believes she has something unique to offer this world, beyond her striking appearance and need of only air to survive.


The Master of the Spirit

Lukyanova has even written a book to show aspiring spiritual gurus how to go about things. The book is titled “Astral Travel Amatue,” and it was published in 2012. So what is it really about?


Separate from Her Body

One of Lukyanova’s biggest goals is to perfect the art of astral traveling: that is, shedding the physical body and exploring the vast cosmos with just a wide-open soul. Yes, The human Barbie believes profoundly that we are all capable of escaping our worldly flesh and transcending to another dimension. She says it is possible to open the universe and discover all its secrets; we just have to be willing to do so. What other bits of wisdom can Barbie offer?


The Space Barbie Unveiled

Because of her unusual beliefs, Lukyanova has gained a new distinct title: Space Barbie. Of course, unlike the plastic toy she resembles so eerily, she has not come equipped with a pretend spacesuit or neon rocket.
The picture above is from one of Lukyanova’s meditation videos where she is supposedly seen in deep trance state. As Amatue, her “spiritual” persona, she plays the role of a sage mystic surrounded by stars and holding a huge snake.


The World of the Human Barbie

Whether you admire her, despise her, or feel completely indifferent, there is no denying one thing: she seems to genuinely believe what she so desperately wants to teach others. Furthermore, the world she knows that is unseen to most people seems very clear to her. She has established a persona and lifestyle so unique that people can’t help being curious and wanting to know more. “Only love and joy exist in the place I come from,” Lukyanova explained. “Beings in our dimension are sexless… we are able to look inside any being and see ourself.” She does seem to be spreading a positive message.


Time to See a Psychiatrist

Lukyanova has found herself in a position many times, questioning herself and her sanity. In the past, she says she has regularly heard voices and seen unusual visions. She ended up seeing a psychiatrist with these concerns, and that the psychiatrist told her that she was “very lucky” that she came to him because another doctor might have locked her away. Instead, the psychiatrist noticed something special in Space Barbie.


Devout Fans

He insisted she had the gift of being a psychic. While some may look at Lukyanova and see someone unnatural and almost inhuman, many girls around the world see her type of beauty as something worthy of aspiring toward, and her inner beauty too. Many YouTubers have adopted some of her makeup techniques and now offer tutorials on their own channels. Indeed, she has sparked a whole new look. But the beautiful human Barbie’s behaviour isn’t always as beautiful.

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The Human Barbie’s Take On Ugly Women

For a woman who’s faced so much online criticism, you’d expect Lukyanova to show a more forgiving approach towards fellow celebrities and especially, fellow women. However, that was not the case with Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker. In April, 2017, Lukyanova released an online video of herself verbally assaulting women that fail to meet her beauty standards, including the beloved actress. According to Lukyanova, Parker is merely a lazy “horse face,” a feature she connects to “inner ugliness.” So maybe she doesn’t have quite the inner beauty many thought.

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Barbie and Bigotry

In a GQ interview, the Human Barbie told writer Michael Idov she believes plastic surgery is getting more and more common because of ‘race-mixing.’ Basically, according to Lukyanova, people of mixed races are more likely to require surgical assistance to look more attractive. Women were more naturally beautiful in the 1950s and 1960s, before mixed race pairings became common. In the same interview, Lukyanova also said that she finds the thought of having children revolting. She would rather have undergo torture and die over having babies and a family lifestyle.

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Ken Reacts

Human Ken does exist, but that does not necessarily mean that he agrees with the Human Barbie’s ways. The Human Ken, aka Justin Jedlica, is an American model who strives to look like a real life Ken doll, just like Barbie. To achieve this, he admits undergoing at least 190 surgical procedures. But what’s his deal with Barbie? According to Ken, he admitted to trying to hug Lukyanova, only to receive a cold shoulder from the expressionless living doll. Ouch.


Film Career

As a woman of many interests, Lukyanova doesn’t want to just rely on her internet fame and psychic powers. In fact, she has tried many different things including DJing and even acting. In 2016, Lukyanova made her film debut in the very fitting sci-fi film, “The Doll,” where she played a deadly blood thirsty alien doll. The film’s director, Susannah O’Brien, had nothing but praise for her unusual star, stating that she “was a natural.”


The Human Barbie’s Makeover

After spending so much time, money and effort on her famous physique, Lukyanova had a sudden change of approach towards her body and what she wanted it to look like. After achieving the perfect Barbie body with breast implants, shiny long extensions and bold makeup, Lukyanova decided she wanted to focus more on buffing up, enhancing her abs and biceps. Will she turn from real life Barbie to a body builder? Only time will tell.


What’s Next?

Lukyanova still aspires to share her knowledge of all things spiritual with the world. She also aims to create something quite ambitious. Recently, she has teamed up with talented composers with the goal of putting together an opera. But not just any opera: a new age opera, relying on soft melodies that mimic the natural sounds of the natural world. We can’t wait to hear.

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