Whatever Happened To The Stars Of Dallas?


From 1978 to 1991, Dallas was one of the biggest shows on television. The CBS series lasted for an incredible 14 seasons, providing its weekly viewers with all types of plot twists, cliffhangers, and unforgettable characters. Let’s find out what the stars of the show are up to today.

Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing

“J.R.,” or Larry Hagman, appeared on every episode of Dallas, totaling 357 shows in all. Hagman played J.R. as a manipulative oil tycoon that couldn’t be trusted, especially by his rival Cliff Barnes. Hagman played the role of J.R. so well that he was actually named the best all-time villain in TV history by TV Guide!

Larry Hagman – deceased

Larry Hagman was originally supposed to be more of a supporting actor on the show, but the writers and producers quickly saw how important his character was. After Dallas concluded, Larry appeared in Nixon, Primary Colors, and other movies. He also appeared on other TV series, including I Dream of Jeannie. Sadly, Larry died at 81 years old in 81. He died due to leukemia.

Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing

Playing Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.’s wife, Linda Gray was great as a somewhat typical Souther woman who had a heart of gold. It was heartbreaking for viewers to see Sue Ellen forgive J.R. again and again for his many betrayals and trespasses. As time went on, the character started developing a drinking problem and finally left J.R. in season 12, shocking viewers .

Linda Gray – now

Actress Linda Gray was very successful from Dallas. She not only won an Emmy Award for the role, but also received a pair of Golden Globe nominations, as well. While Linda really enjoyed working in theater, she was also seen on shows and films such as Oscar and Accidental Meeting. She is divorced and has two children.

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing

J.R. wasn’t the only character that surprised the producers and writers of Dallas. Bobby Ewing was actually supposed to die at the end of the first season, but the fans were too intrigued by Bobby’s love affair with Pamela Barnes for that to happen. The two had a real Romeo and Juliet thing going on and Bobby also spent a lot of time trying to keep J.R. from hatching his evil schemes.

Patrick Duffy – now

Patrick Duffy had quite a career in television, appearing not only in Dallas but also on shows such as Step By Step and The Bold and the Beautiful. Duffy’s character was killed off when he decided to leave the show, but when he decided to come back for the last season, the writers had to creatively get him back into the story.

Priscilla Presley as Jenna Wade

The beautiful Priscilla Presley played Jenna Wade, the childhood sweetheart of Bobby Ewing. Back in their younger days, Bobby and Jenna thought that they would grow up and get married, but Jenna left Bobby hanging and went to Italy instead. When she returned to Texas years later, she and Bobby reunited and saw their love rekindled, since Pamela was out of the picture after the divorce.

Priscilla Presley – now

Priscilla Presley is, of course, the former wife of Elvis Presley, one of the most famous musical performers ever. She acted a lot in her younger years, but has since focused on her role as co-founder and chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises. During her acting days, Priscilla appeared in the Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen, as well as the hit show Melrose Place.

Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie Ewing

Barbara Bel Geddes played Miss Ellie Ewing on Dallas, who was the queen bee of the powerful Ewing family. She married Jock Ewing and was married to him for over 40 years. She was portrayed on the show as being a very loving mother, but could also get down to business when the situation called for it. She and her family continued to enjoy the fortune that Jock built.

Barbara Bel Geddes – deceased

Sadly, Barbara Bel Geddes is no longer with us, having passed away in 2005 after a bout with lung cancer. She had two children and was married twice, as well. Barbara not only acted in such films as Vertigo and I Remember Mama, but she also starred in Broadway productions. In her other pursuits, she enjoyed doing artwork and writing children’s books.

Jim Davis as Jock Ewing

Jim Davis, of course, played Jock Ewing, the towering figurehead of Dallas. He was the founder of Ewing Oil and husband to Miss Ellie Ewing. Jock was also the one who initiated the long rivalry between the Ewing family and the Barnes family. Jock raised three sons, J.R., Gary, and Bobby, though he had a fifth son from an affair while overseas fighting in World War II.

Jim Davis – deceased

Actor Jim Davis was born and raised in Missouri. Like his character on Dallas, he served in World War II, deciding to get into acting afterwards. He was in films such as Winter Meeting, but was always best known for his role as Jock Ewing. Sadly, Davis passed away back in 1981 and was not alive for the show’s completion. He passed away due to cancer.

Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs

As Ray Krebbs, Steve Kanaly played the bastard son of Jock Ewing from his fling in World War II. Ray was raised by his mother, Margaret, until the age of 15. At that point, she died and he was sent to Jock, leading to quite a fiery battle between Jock and wife Miss Ellie. See, Miss Ellie knew about the affair, but certainly did not know that a child had come about as a result.

Steve Kanaly – now

Steve Kanaly is married now with two children. A Vietnam War veteran, Steve decided to try his hand at television in Dallas, but otherwise stuck to the silver screen, playing roles in films such as The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean and Big Wednesday. He lives with his wife in California, where he enjoys his ranch and makes water color paintings.

Susan Howard as Donna Culver Krebbs

On Dallas, Susan Howard played Donna Culver Krebbs, the wife of Sam Culver. Sam Culver was the former Texas governor who was very ill at the time when Donna started having an affair with Ray Krebbs. Donna and Ray would ultimately marry after Sam’s death, despite a short romance with Cliff Barnes beforehand. Donna would eventually become an oil lobbyist and decide to leave Ray.

Susan Howard – now

In real life, Susan Howard has not only worked as an actress and screenwriter, but also been active in politics. She has played roles in shows such as Petrocelli, Columbo, Mission: Impossible, and Bonanza. Susan is now 73 years old and like her character on Dallas, has been married twice. She has one child.

Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing

Ted Shackelford landed the role of Gary Ewing on Dallas. Gary was the middle child of the Ewing power family and displeased his father greatly when he knocked up Valene during his high school years. After the resulting shotgun wedding, Ted continued to fall short of expectations, becoming an alcoholic and divorcing multiple times. He moved away from his family, but continued to reappear on the show periodically.

Ted Shackelford – now

Now, Ted Shackelford is 71 years old and was most recently seen on The Young and the Restless, though he hasn’t done anything that eclipses the fame he received from his role on Dallas. He is also remembered for his part in the spinoff series Knots Landing, which also stayed on the air for 14 seasons. Shackelford’s film credits include Mother of the Bride.

Charlene Tilton as Lucy Ewing

Charlene Tilton’s role on Dallas was that of Lucy Ewing, daughter of Gary and Valene. She was raised on the show by Jock and Miss Ellie, however, due to the many marital problems between Gary and Valene. Later on, she was briefly engaged to Kit Mainwaring, but called off the wedding after discovering that Kit was actually gay. Lucy’s main role on the show was to have love affairs, it seemed.

Charlene Tilton – now

Actress Charlene Tilton appeared in a number of TV shows, such as Happy Days and Eight is Enough. She is also a noted singer that has appeared on over 500 magazine covers. As one of the younger original cast members, she was able to participate in the rebooted version of Dallas that appeared on TV in 2012. Her film credits include Freaky Friday.

Ken Kercheval – as Cliff Barnes

Ken Kercheval was seen on Dallas as Cliff Barnes, son of Willard “Digger” Barnes and his wife, Rebecca. Of course, the Barnes were the arch-rivals of the Ewings, and Cliff disliked J.R. in particular. Throughout most of the show’s 14 seasons, Cliff was regularly outwitted and fooled by J.R., although he would eventually get his revenge against his rival in the last season.

Ken Kercheval – now

Much older now, Ken Kercheval is 82 years old, has seven children and many grandchildren. He has been married four times and been able to survive a bout with lung cancer. As far as his career goes, Ken has done everything from Broadway productions to a number of television shows and soap operas. Along with Larry Hagman, he was the only person to appear on every episode of the show.

Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow

Clayton Farlow, like many of the characters on Dallas, was a successful oil man who was embroiled in all kinds of family drama. His wife, Amy was caught in a fire set by his sister Jessica due to a family dispute. Meanwhile, Clayton’s adopted son Dusty had a love affair with J.R.’s wife. Clayton would eventually marry Miss Ellie after the death of Jock Ewing.

Howard Keel – deceased

The real life Howard Keel was not only an actor, but a famous singer, as well. He did a number of Broadway musicals and also appeared in films such as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and South Pacific. His other credits included Calamity Jane and My Fair Lady. Unfortunately, Howard died in 2004. Howard had a wife and four children.

Deborah Rennard as Sly Lovegren

Sylvia Lovegren was more often known as Sly. As J.R.’s secretary, Sly was never too far out of the picture when something was happening on the show. For instance, Cliff once tried to get secret intel on J.R. through Sly. Eventually, Sly ticked J.R. off by dating his illegitimate son, but even J.R. knew that a loyal worker is hard to find, so he eventually hired her back.

Deborah Rennard – now

Sly was played by Deborah Rennard, who starred in other shows that included Days of Our Lives and Silk Stalkings. Her film credits include the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Lionheart. She also worked as a writer and producer. She married Paul Haggis, himself a writer, producer, and director. The two are now divorced, but their son James is an actor.

Omri Katz as John Ross Ewing III

J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing’s son was John Ross Ewing III, played by Omri Katz. John Ross idolized his father J.R. and was constantly competing with his cousin, Christopher. Although at one point, many thought Cliff Barnes was John Ross’ father, a paternity test proved otherwise. Sue Ellen got full custody of John Ross after she divorced J.R., as many fans of the show remember.

Omri Katz – now

At 41 years old, Omri Katz has seemingly retired from acting and instead works as a hair stylist in California. Omri appeared in a number of films including Hocus Pocus and Matinee. He also appeared on a number of TV films based on Dallas over the years. Although he ultimately retired from acting, he was named Outstanding Youth Actor in a Prime-Time Soap Opera by Soap Opera Digest.

Sheree J. Wilson as April Stevens

After the first several seasons of Dallas, it became somewhat clear that the show needed some fresh characters. Sheree Wilson offered that with her portrayal of April Stevens, ex-wife of Bobby and J.R.’s cousin Jack. It soon became clear that April was after the Ewing fortune. She had an affair with J.R. and later on would marry Bobby. She died on their honeymoon, however.

Sheree J. Wilson – now

Sheree Wilson portrayed April Stevens on Dallas and also appeared on Walker, Texas Ranger, which gave her perhaps her most famous television role. She began as a fashion merchandiser, but one of the photographers thought she could be a model instead. She was featured in dozens of commercials before she eventually transitioned into acting in films and shows.

Shalane McCall as Charlie Wade

Charlotte Wade, better known as Charlie, was the daughter of Jenna Wade on Dallas. Although officially, Charlie’s father was Bobby Ewing, Italian count Renaldo Marchetta was her real biological father. On the show, Charlie moved in with Ray Krebbs with her mom after Jenna married Ray. She would soon become an older sister to Bobby, Jenna’s baby with Ray.

Shalane McCall – now

Actress Shalane McCall was the actress who starred as Charlie on Dallas. She appeared on five seasons of the show, but beforehand was known more as a beauty pageant contestant, as she won 110 pageants. It was rumored that she once dated Brad Pitt, but eventually got married to someone else at 17 years old. She lives in California these days and has four children.

Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing

Pamela Barnes Ewing was one of the most famous characters on TV during the long reign of Dallas atop the ratings. Pamela often felt that she was an outsider in a very competitive family, having been born into the Barnes family and then marrying into the Ewings. Pamela was the part of a big storyline when it was found that her mother Rebecca had her as the result of an affair with Hutch McKinney.

Victoria Principal – now

Victoria Principal, who played the role of Pamela, grew up in an Army family and got to travel throughout the world as a result. Victoria is known for her business sense, having negotiated against a clause that allowed the show to take a percentage of her fellow Dallas actors and actresses’ earnings. She not only acts, but has production and beauty products companies, which earn her over $1.5 billion in annual revenue.