Unwind This Weeknd: You Deserve It

After a busy week juggling work, kids and the other one hundred things we have to do, sometimes it is hard for us to turn off and enjoy the two days a week in which we have some free time – those wonderful two words, The Weekend.

By the time its 6pm on Friday, we are tired and want to do nothing more than curl up on the sofa and do little to nothing. Wishful thinking, we know! But, the weekend is here for us to recharge our batteries and its time we took advantage of that and use the time to unwind from our week and prepare for the next. We all need that and there is nothing better than starting your week feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything ahead of you. There are some things you can do to help you achieve this but be warned, this is about looking after yourself – after all, you deserve it.

Switch-It Off

Now, this is one you are probably expecting and saying to yourself “But I can’t” and we’re here to tell you, ‘You Can’! Disconnect, turn it off – don’t worry, the emails can wait. Unfortunately, most of us are still working over the weekend and although it may be light work, it still sucks. We’re not here to tell you to turn off your work phone and emails for the whole weekend (because we know that’s scary) but allow yourself a few hours, 3-4 hours a day where you turn it off and don’t feel the need to check it.

Keep Your Spirit Happy

Can you remember when you were a kid and you would do something that would make your heart flutter, or perhaps you get the feeling when you cuddle your partner or maybe it’s when you take your kids to the park and see them enjoying life, care-free. Do it! Whatever it is, whatever makes you feel like that, make time for it. Keep that spirit inside of you happy, you will be surprised at what, even a couple of hours of joy does to you.

Try catching up on some sleep (if at all possible – maybe you can fit in a little afternoon nap?) and exercise where you can. Exercising releases endorphins and these push a positive feeling throughout your body.

You may read this and think, “yeah right’. But never underestimate how important you are.

Be Good To You