This Star From Duck Dynasty Didn’t Expect This Haircut

Television Success

Although the series officially ended in March of 2017, the popularity of Duck Dynasty still remains. The Robertsons have made quite the impressions on the show’s loyal viewers as we watched them through ups and downs over 11 seasons. The show was so successful that it created $400 million in revenue from merchandise.


Duck Calls

The creator of the duck calling business was the patriarch of the Robertson family, Phil. Phil was a football quarterback at Louisiana Tech and was even offered a spot on an NFL team. He chose to turn it down, however, due to the interference it would have created with duck hunting season. In 1973, he founded his duck call company and gained a lot of success which ultimately led to the television series.


Famous Facial Hair

All the men sport long noticeable beards in keeping with their outdoor, Louisiana lifestyle. The facial hair is so famous that it has actually become a part of their brand, and as huge as them. So much so that none of them would even think of shaving. So you could understand the surprise that fans got when one Robertson decided to shave it all off.


Robertson Family Ties

Many of the Robertson family members are heavily featured on the show. Phil and his wife lovingly referred to as Miss Kay (who married Phil at age 15) have four sons who all have their own families. Their sons, Alan Jase, Willie, and Jep are all involved in the family duck call business. Many of Phil’s grandkids have become involved and Sadie Robertson was even a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. We wonder what they thought of his idea to shave his beard.



Many people may be familiar with the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty, with derogatory comments Phil made in a magazine interview. The show was even temporarily suspended due to the comments. Many people have claimed that the controversy surrounding the family led to the declining ratings. The family decided to end the show after 11 seasons of television. Was it this that made them decide that the beards are no more?


Funny Guy

The second of Phil’s sons is Jase Robertson. He also has the challenging role of being the COO of the family business. On the show he was known as the funny guy, and the most good looking. He spends his days making ducks calls which is the family business. But why would Jase want to remove his trademark look?


Close To His Heart

While all of the Robertson men have long and luscious beards, Jase has an especially impressive one. As a result, many fans and even his family members were surprised when he decided to cut it off. But Jase had a good reason from his decision. It is one that is very close to his heart.


Daddy’s Girl

His daughter Mia was born with a cleft palate and lip. A cleft palate is a condition where a baby’s top lip does not properly form in utero. As a result the skull is not properly joined with the top of the mouth. It is not a life threatening issue and can be fixed with surgery depending on how severe the case is. It can however lead to speech problems as a child develops.


Support From Fans

Mia underwent surgery in order to correct her cleft lip in 2014. Jase and his wife Missy were understandably concerned while their daughter went through surgery but they were overwhelmed by the amount of support they received from fans through a difficult time. They created a charity in order to aid other children who were born with the condition.


Mia Moo

Jase was dedicated to raise money for this organization that he had created by himself and his wife for their daughter. The charity is called the ‘Mia Moo Fund’ named after their daughter. The charity was founded in honor of Mia and raises money for a cause that is very important to their whole family.


What Does Mia Moo Do?

The charity does a number of things. First, it raises money for children whose families are not able to afford the surgery to correct their child’s cleft palate. Second, Mia Moo works to educate the public about cleft palates. Lastly, the charity invests money in research in order to find more efficient ways to correct the condition. He came up with an innovative idea, to raise a lot of money.


Reaching Their Goal

In order to accomplish all of their goals for the charity, they needed to raise money…. which is why Jase chose to shave his beard. Jase’s fundraising idea was not only good for the charity but also for his wife Missy. Missy had not seen her husband without his furry accessory for seven years and she wanted to see what he looked like clean shaven. Jase pledged that if the public could reach the one-hundred thousand dollar mark in donations, he would shave his beloved beard off. But would the public comply, after all he is famous for his beard.


Another Beardless Brother?

While most of the Robertson men sport beards, one of the Robertson brothers did appear clean shaven on the show. Al, who is the oldest brother, decided to go without the famous beard. Jase had trimmed a couple times before as he would shave in between seasons of the show and let it grow out just in time for filming. But it had been quite a while since he had gone completely beardless.



Shaving his beard was incredibly surprising to hardcore Duck Dynasty fans based on some comments Jase had previously made on the show. In one episode Jase said, “There are two kinds of people without beards, children and women, I am neither.” While we know that Jase was being light hearted in his comments, he might not be laughing after he gets his prized possession shaved off.


Getting Recognized

This was not the first time that the duck call creator had thought about shaving off his signature look. In 2013, Jase explained in an interview that when the show ended, he planned of shaving off the beard that the fans had grown to know and love. Back then, however, it was not for charity but rather because Jase wanted to be unrecognizable in public. Jase could not go anywhere without getting stopped for a picture but he thought if he shaved, no one would know who he was.


Bye Bye Beardie

Yes Jase’s reason for shaving his beard was an honorable one, but it was not a simple decision and he had to think it over very hard. He seemed to be getting cold feet. Jase has grown accustomed to having a big beard, which is very useful for duck hunters as they create better camouflage for when they go hunting. But after much thought, Jase knew it would be worth it to help children in need.


Downside Of A Beard

While beards are useful for duck hunting, they can also create some unwanted side effects. Jase got an extra search when he was at the airport at the end of duck hunting season which means his beard was bigger than ever. Airport security gave him an extra search and a red alert.


Caveman Or Duck Hunter

On that same trip where Jase was searched at the airport, a young fan stopped him, and asked for an autograph. Jase signed an autograph for the boy and started talking to him upon which Jase realized that the boy had never even heard of Duck Dynasty. He thought that Jase was the famous Geico caveman. After hilariously getting mistaken for a caveman, we would want to shave too.


Net Worth

Jase and his beard have contributed invaluably to his family’s business. Due to his innovations in duck calls and his hard work, Jase has amassed a net worth of around $10 million. While Jase could have just taken his money and retired, he decided to use his fame for a good cause.


What Is Jase Up To Now?

Now that Duck Dynasty has ended, however, Jase has chosen to invest his time into spending time with his friends and family. Jase started his own website called ‘CamoFix’ where he lets all of the fans of the show know what is happening in his life. As well, Jase makes appearances at many Christian gatherings and events. Now that Jase no longer has to film, he can focus on the things that matter to him.


Big Announcement

Jase announced that he would be shaving off his beloved beard in June. Fans were surprised to hear the news and Jase and Missy made an appearance on the morning show at Fox in order to discuss the plans for the shave and the reason behind it. The big day was set for the 4th of September when Jase let the barber take over and get to work. Not even Missy could remember what Jase looked like without the beard.It was an excitement moment for the world. Finally to see what was hiding under his beard.


New Look

Jase knew the shave would create a lot of fanfare and he decided that the whole thing would be streamed on Facebook live. While Jase was in the barber chair, Missy took control of the camera and documented the whole process. Jase’s friend was in charge of shaving his beard and even cut his hair in order to give him a whole new look. The reaction from Jase’s family was something to see.


Missy’s New Man

Jase was almost unrecognizable with his new clean-cut look and the difference between him and his brothers was quite dramatic. Everyone was overjoyed at the outcome of the makeover especially his wife Missy. Missy thought her husband looked like a whole new man and was extremely happy with the transformation. She even made a comment on Twitter that she was starting to flirt more with Jase since his stunning transformation. Wow we can’t believe that is really him.


Waiting For It To Grow

Although most fans think that Jase will eventually grow back his beard, they are enjoying his new clean shaven look. Until it grows back, Missy is enjoying Jase’s clean-cut look even though Jase might find it harder to camouflage while hunting. He raised a lot of money for a great cause and made his daughter and his family very proud.


So Fresh And So Clean Clean

The Robertson boys — Phil, Si, Willie, Jep, and Jase back in the day, preferred the cleaner look. Who knew that underneath all that hair, they were hiding handsome features?


Family Portrait

Well, this picture is very different to how they look now. Jase, Jep and Willie look as though they still got up to mischief at this age.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.12.41

Seargant Si Without The Hair

What about Si, we didn’t quite picture him looking like this without all the bristle. He looks like quite the Seargent. Which look do you prefer?


Oh The Days Of Marital Bliss

Jase looked pretty different here as a newly wed. We bet she is glad now he looks closer to his marital days.



Say Cheese

The picture of innocence, who would have guessed it’s the same family.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.24.41

Young Love

Typical American sweethearts, this is we actually love this throwback.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.23.45

Holiday Cringey Photos

These baby faced love birds were clearly feeling the Hawaiian vibes. This holiday photo has sneakily found its way into our hands. We wonder what they will think about this shot now when they look back at this.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.24.02


Well if butter wouldn’t melt. Phil is quite the picture of angelic innocence here. We wonder if he ever even thought about having a beard in his youth.


Slim Shady

Well well well, we can imagine that he did not want this picture to surface. He looks like Stan from Eminem’s video.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 14.24.13


The cast members’ distinct sense of style isn’t always appreciated, such as when Jase was kicked out of Trump International Hotel in New York City when a staff thought he looked homeless.

Credit: All Outdoor

Trumped-Up Support

Willie was one of the more outspoken celebrities in favor of Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Credit: Washington Post

Both Sides of the Aisle

Willie and Korie Robertson were invited to the 2013 White House Correspondents’ dinner and met President Barack Obama, who told them he was a big fan of the show.

Credit: NBC News

A Wild Past

While Al Robertson seems very conservative, and the brother without a beard, he had a wild past that included drinking, using speed and sleeping with a married woman. Maybe the beard would have helped.

Credit: YouTube