The Most Hilarious Yoga Fails


Upward Facing Cat

This feline was not so friendly when she learned that her owner was doing dog moves and not cat ones. One, Two, Three, Attack! This picture is truly amazing and was caught at just the perfect moment. The cat even made sure to cover her eyes.

The Good Old Pet Pose

There is nothing more annoying than when you master the perfect handstand after practicing and failing for hours, even getting it on camera, and then your cat decides that this means it’s definitely playing time and they come and hit you on the head to get your attention. They know how to pick their moments, don’t they?

The Old Sea Salt In Nose Pose

Practicing yoga on the beach by the waves seems in theory, a wonderful way to start your day. Yet when you actually do it,  not so much. You forget that the waves actually don’t turn off and that the sea water will go up your nose when trying to practice the infamous sand handstand selfie. Oh the novice.

Celeb Fail

Celebs always make us want to try what they are doing, whether it is the latest new gym craze or yoga practice, however, Chris Evans looks like he is totally stuck and we are not sure, but we don’t think that this is how that particular pose is supposed to look. Never mind, you gave it your best shot.

Ancient Yogi

This yoga teacher is remarkable! she is 99 years old and is still teaching yoga all around the world. She claims that yoga is what has kept her alive so long, and feeling so young. She puts us to shame with her perfect moves. Here she is in central park showing the students how it is done and getting her spiritual gangster on.

Canoe Fail

Just take a look at that backdrop. The mountains, and the lake, it really doesn’t get much more picturesque than this we don’t think. Well of course doing a headstand on a canoe on the water would be our first choice too because it is oh so stable. Or is it?…..

Celeb Outfit Fails

Celebs don’t always get it right in the fashion department, especially in yoga attire. Mickey Rourke and Russel Brand have made quite the fashion faux pas here, with their interesting choices of yoga wear.

Not So Lucky

Well we would love to say I told you so here, this was never going to end swimmingly (mind the pun) now was it? Well we certainly take our hats off to you for being brave enough to give it a go. Maybe third time’s a charm for this one. We do love this view though.

Ooh Is This My Good Side?

This furry feline seemed to not be bothered one bit that its owner wanted to film her yoga practice and show off the new poses she has finally been able to master. No no, not one tiny bit bothered about tree pose, this cat is more interesting in taking selfies to surprise their owner.


Cross fitters are extremely strong, and in the world of sports, it seems that there isn’t anything that they cannot do. This is extremely impressive, we are totally in awe at the strength of these women. Yet what happens after the camera stops rolling, do the weights go rolling too? We hope not (sort of).


When trying acrobatic yoga, it is always fun to try it with a friend. That way when you get stuck inside the ring, you have someone to bail you out, unless of course both of you get stuck, which leaves it to be, a funny story.


Couples Yoga

Oh, couples yoga, the ultimate way to relax with your other half. There is just one thing you need to know: if you never practiced yoga before, it will be a bit tricky to do it with your partner. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that your man can’t conquer everything, but sometimes it is better to actually know something before you decide to do it. You will thank us later.

Table Top

The pose table top in yoga, doesn’t actually mean practice your hand stand and then topple the whole table over. We think this interpretation was a bit misconstrued somehow.

Poolside Crab

The moment you get that perfect shot for social media is amazing. When your pose and props are just right. She looks perfect, the pool looks refreshing, she has the stunning back drop of scenery, the hot hunk in the background, the inflatable flamingo, it does not get more picturesque than this ladies and gentlemen. We wonder how long it lasted.

Don’t Try This At Home

When professionals or Instagrammers take amazing shots of themselves practicing hard moves, it automatically makes you want to try them thinking oh this looks simple enough. Wrong. It is never as easy as it looks, and this girl has just about learnt the hard way.

Lake Tumble

This is a priceless moment, two friends practicing yoga on the lake, getting their zen on, when one of them loses their balance and topples head first into the water. Perhaps those empty wine glasses spotted has something to do with it.

Ummm New Move?

This girl looks like she has skipped right to the Savasana at the end of the practice where you lay down and meditate. This word means corpse and she has taken it quite literally.

Nailed It…Not

Those Instagram yogis really know how to pose, right? The only problem is, if you never practiced yoga before, you are risking to seriously injure your neck, and that’s probably not what you need. Some people just don’t realize that yoga is not just lots of slow moves. That’s why it can be hard to do some poses, like this one for example. And usually, your butt falls on your face, so stay away from Instagram!

Almost Got It

Yep, definitely close enough. You foot should definitely hit your friend’s head and her leg should definitely be on your face. Just like couples yoga, yoga in pairs can be tricky if one of you is not in good shape. In other words, if you or your friend are not flexible enough, you can expect to end up in situations like this one. She looks like she is trying the dab.

Hallway Hell

If you are going to try and do some brave moves against a hard wall and floor in the corridor, it is always best to have a mat near. This guy looks like he is in need of a stiff drink after that absolute fail.

Skateboard Style

Now this looks impressive. The crow pose is hard to master but she has nailed it, she can even do it on a wobbly surface. Imagine the strength in those arms! The only worry, is that what happens when it wheels away, does she go with it?

Airport Warrior

It seems this lady just could not wait to get into position, that she had to use the bag carousel at the airport as her yoga room. She seems ready to face any attacks from bags that will be coming her way imminently. We cannot imagine that it is stable once it starts moving, so good luck with that.

Time For A Stretch

There is no better place to stretch out after a long flight, than on a moving walkway. Really, we totally feel the same and would do the exact same thing. We are very impressed, we just hope that this does not go horribly wrong and that she ends up moving along face down.

I Got You Buddy

A helping hand is always a valuable thing, especially when it is for a hand stand in the air, in the middle of the airport, what better way to lend a hand? How long do you think they lasted like this for? Our guess, not long, he will get bored of his book shortly.

I See You

Unfortunately, some people still don’t make the difference between comfortable and see-through. You should definitely feel like nothing is between you and your relaxation, but people seem to forget that they are not alone in the room. This lady obviously forgot her yoga pants and she decided to stay in whatever she had under her clothes. It’s good thing she had underwear!

Can Someone Get Me A Drink

This guy obviously got too tired of drinking one to many blue drinks, so he remembered what his yoga teacher told him: Whenever you feel tired of blue drinks, just do some yoga on the floor.  He knew that after his yoga session he will feel relaxed and more vibrant than ever.

Cat Crotch

This hilarious fail shows what happens when a kitten thinks that warrior two pose means actually does mean war, and bites their owner right where it hurts. This moment is priceless, but maybe not for the lady trying to find inner peace and connect with her body, to get a rude awakening from her precious pet.


This Yoga teacher decided to be extra zen and shoot some footage of doing yoga by the cool, and calm azure waters, to hear the sound of the droplets of the ocean, and to feel the cool rocks underneath her skin, offering grounding energy. After all, there is no better way to practice yoga than in the great outdoors, to let nature be your teacher. Yet what she did not anticipate next was……


Oh the tide came in and washed away her dreams and hopes of that perfect video, and knocked her right off her balance as the waves completely take her out. Perhaps this is a new move “Getting hit by waves”. We hope it was refreshing never the less, and that she got up and tried once more. But great try and innovative idea. Let’s just hope it worked next time.

Hilarious Moments

You have to watch even more amazing yoga fails on this clip right here. We guarantee you will be laughing at your desk, and it might even make you think twice before taking a yoga selfie in some interesting locations, or with your pets around.