How To Take Care Of Your Thoughts


Our thoughts are extremely powerful, they affect our feelings and in turn this affects our daily actions and the outcome of our lives. We have the ability to choose our thoughts, and how we want to feel. Thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. Every day we have hundreds of them passing in and out, and we have the ability to choose what we allow to stick in our minds, and what we can just accept and acknowledge.

Thoughts are not facts! Thoughts are simple sentences, but when we take them in and believe them to be facts about ourselves, then this is where we begin to create stories about our self worth.

In any situation in life, there are facts, thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

Our thoughts about a circumstance affect the way we feel, which then makes us act in a certain way, and then results in a certain action. If we can choose to have a positive thought about a situation, then we will be able to acknowledge that it is our thoughts that have affected our feelings, and so therefore we know where and why these feelings have come about, and we can sit with them and accept them, instead of trying to numb them with food, alcohol, or other behaviors.

Try watching the thoughts as they come into your mind, and be aware of how you use them. If you can, practice changing those thoughts to create the outcome that you want.

Thoughts are powerful- and you have the power to change them!