Interiors Inspiration: From Summer To Autumn Decor

The change of seasons can be hard for us, especially when we are saying goodbye to hot summer days, late evenings in the garden and bright and colorful décor that gave your home a new lease of life. But let’s face it, Winter is not here yet and Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons there is – crisp leaves on the floor, warm colors and tones of snuggly sweaters that we’ve been waiting to whip out from the back of the closet, hot cocoa and an open fire. As the season moves from August to September, it’s an exciting time to spruce up your home and swap out those lively pieces for something softer and cozier. Here are three of our top tips for a seasonal switch.

Change your accent color

Summer is all about bright accent colors, yet in Autumn, our homes become a place where we spend most of our evenings hiding away from the cold. Adding hints of dark blue or deeper natural tones, is the perfect way to turn your space into a relaxing elegant haven this season. Add the color easily with new cushions, a rug and even new curtains.

Add some texture

The colder season means one thing, layers! And this applies to your home also. Take advantage of layering up with different textures this Autumn. You can mix a velvet cushion with a fluffy throw in your living room as well as in your bedroom or add a subtler wool throw with some faux fur cushions. Cushions brought together in different sizes in addition to the mismatch of textures creates a focal look. Use textures such as brass and warm timbers when it comes to adding accessories to fill a space.

Soothing smells

Ginger and pumpkin are scents we want to add to everything this Autumn, whether you are filling your home with the smell of gingerbread or burning a stunningly scented candle – we all know it’s a fall favorite. Here we leave behind those citruses and lavender summer smells and add something new. There are a range of candles that will perfectly compliment your change of décor – we recommend that you fill your home with an apple, pumpkin, vanilla or cinnamon scent. Sit down, pull your new cozy throw over you, light your delicious new candle and relax.

A further great way to have a mouthwatering smell drift through your home is to bake an autumn inspired pie and why not? You get the bonus of the scent and a tasty slice of delectable warmth.