The Superstars Of Friends: Where Are They Now?


For ten years Friends was everyone’s favorite sitcom. Fans from around the world followed the gang as they navigated the highs and lows of their twenties. It’s been 14 years since the Friends cast said goodbye to the series. Let’s take a look at where the stars of Friends find themselves today…

Courtney Cox Then

Monica was the obsessive-compulsive glue that held the five friends together. She was gorgeous, highly-strung, super competitive and endlessly loyal. Before Courtney Cox landed her iconic role on the sitcom, she was best known as the gorgeous girl who was pulled onstage in Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 music video for ‘Dancing in the Dark.’

Courtney Cox Now

Cox had a long and successful career playing the lovable Monica. Following the series’s end in 2004, she had success producing multiple television shows as well as starring as the lead in her own ABC sitcom, Cougar Town. The star sadly resorted to some extreme measures to maintain the appearance of youth. The star has publicly admitted she regrets her plastic surgeries, saying, “I was trying so hard to keep up, and I actually made things worse.”

David Schwimmer Then

Ross was the nerdy, sweet, slightly annoying paleontologist that made up one half TV’s most-loved onscreen couple. When he wasn’t pining over Rachel, he was working at the museum, spending time with his son, Ben, or hanging with Joey and Chandler. Schwimmer earned himself an Emmy nomination for his role in 1995.

David Schwimmer Now

In recent years, Schwimmer’s career has seen an impressive revival. In 2016, Schwimmer played the role of Robert Kardashian on FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The show was critically well-received and earned the actor an Emmy nomination nod. Go Ross!

Maggie Wheeler Then

Of all the women who dated Chandler, Janice was undoubtedly his most memorable girlfriend. With her nasal catchphrase, incredibly large hair and outrageous laugh, she was a character we both loved and loathed. Played by Maggie Wheeler, Janice was a recurring figure in the Friends world. She was inescapable, making an appearance in nearly every season of the show, much to Chandler’s horror.

Maggie Wheeler Now

Since her days playing Janice, Wheeler has had numerous roles on some popular sitcoms, including Everybody Loves Raymond, Archer, Without a Trace, Californication and How I Met Your Mother. The 55-year-old actress is still recognized for her role as Janice, the high-pitched on-and-off girlfriend of Chandler Bing.

Julia Roberts Then

With her unforgettable smile, wild auburn locks and impossibly long legs, a fresh-faced Julia Roberts made her name as one of the darlings of the industry in the nineties. Few fans might remember, but she actually had a hilarious cameo in Friends. She played Chandler’s scorned ex-classmate, who gets revenge on him for a childhood prank that left her humiliated in her younger years. She ultimately leaves Chandler alone and naked in a restaurant bathroom. Another fast fact: Matthew Perry and Roberts were actually dating at the time!

Julia Roberts Now

Roberts has had an enduring and impressive acting career. Her list of acting credits includes iconic roles in Pretty Women, Steel Magnolias, Erin Brockovitch, Runaway Bride, Ocean’s Eleven and Eat, Pray, Love. She has won an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. Her estimated net worth is $140 million.

Lisa Kudrow Then

Lisa Kudrow was the actress behind Phoebe Buffay. She was the eccentric, eco-conscious, guitar-playing friend who gave us the eternally hilarious song ‘Smelly Cat.’ She gave birth to her brother’s triplets, dated a gay figure skater, once believed she was possessed by an eighty-year-old neighbor and was the twin of Ursula Buffay, the mean-spirited porn star. The role garnered her six Emmy nominations and two wins.

Lisa Kudrow Now

Apart from her many, many roles on television, Kudrow has also had many memorable roles in films like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Opposite of Sex, Analyze This and P.S. I Love You. She is also a well-known writer and producer. To us, she’ll always be remembered as the lovable and ditzy Phoebe.

James Michael Tyler Then

For ten long seasons James Michael Tyler played the role of Gunther on Friends. He was the funny tie-wearing barista who made coffee and tolerated Rachel’s terrible waitressing. He landed the role because he knew how to operate a coffee machine but would ultimately become one of the show’s most lovable minor characters.

James Michael Tyler Now


Despite his many years on the show, the man behind Gunther let Hollywood take a back seat after the show wrapped. He now fancies himself a rock musician and songwriter. Fun fact: the actor might be known for his platinum-white hair but he’s actually a natural brunette. He is now happily married and living in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt Then

Back in Brad Pitt’s heyday, he was considered a bonafide heartthrob and Hollywood A-lister. While he was married to Jennifer Aniston, otherwise known as Rachel, he appeared in an episode of the series playing Ross and Rachel’s former schoolmate. In a cute play on their real-life relationship, Pitt’s character loathed Rachel, even teaming up with Ross to form an ‘I Hate Rachel Green Club.’

Brad Pitt Now

Pitt has had a wildly successful acting career but his personal life has always proved more challenging. After a very public split with Aniston, the world was shocked when he began an affair with his Mr and Mrs Smith co-star, Angelia Jolie. The couple was involved for 12 years but the star’s second marriage would again end in divorce. The split has been messy, with Jolie accusing the actor of being an alcoholic, an incompetent father and an emotional abuser.

Tom Selleck Then


Tom Selleck played Monica’s much older lover, Dr Richard Burke. The optometrist was dashing and adoring but the pair would split over his reluctance to get married, leaving Monica heartbroken. Selleck was most well known for his role in Magnum, P.I. He was a stellar seventies icon and with his envious good looks and that unforgettable mustache.

Tom Selleck Now

At 73 years old, Selleck has aged like a fine wine. He’s now a silver fox with an impressive net worth of $45 million. He spent years playing notable television roles in series including Las Vegas, the Closer and Blue Bloods. Selleck is now enjoying his much-deserved retirement. Fun fact: Selleck turned down the lead role of Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch before David Hasselhoff won the part.

Reese Witherspoon Then


Jill Green was Rachel’s over-indulged, tactless but oh-so-entertaining younger sister who often rolled into town unannounced and disrupted Rachel’s life. She was played by the beautiful Reese Witherspoon. The actress had a thriving early career with definitive roles in Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. The actress was also half of one of Hollywood’s loved-up couples. She married hunky Ryan Philippe in 1997.

Reese Witherspoon Now


The gorgeous actress would go on to have a thriving career once the Friends series wrapped. She took on meatier roles and won herself an Academy Award for her portrayal of June Cash in Walk the Line. Alas, her marriage to Philippe would deteriorate and end in divorce. She is now starring in and producing, the hit series Big Little Lies which won her an abundance of critical praise.

Bruce Willis Then


In one of his inappropriate romantic endeavors, Ross was in a relationship with his student, Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s disapproving dad, Paul, was played by the one and only Bruce Willis. Paul, much to Ross’s utter terror, would go on to date Rachel. Fun fact: Willis only appeared on the show because he had lost a bet to Matthew Perry while they were filming the movie The Whole Nine Yards. It paid off, Willis actually won an Emmy for his performance.


Bruce Willis Now


The years may have rolled by, but Willis is still as handsome and as successful as he was in his younger, action-packed days. The actor has starred in over 60 films, with iconic roles in the Die Hard franchise, Pulp Fiction, Armageddon and the classic thriller The Sixth Sense. The star is not only a film icon but he has accumulated a personal fortune worth $180 million.

Matt LeBlanc Then


Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, was the ladies’ man who had a string of onscreen lovers swooning with just a single line: ‘How you doin’? Joey was the earnest, carefree, dim-witted wannabe actor who fans watched mature into a successful and relatively less dumb grown man. LeBlanc’s early career was defined by the role, earning him three Emmy nominations.

Matt LeBlanc Now


In a pretty surprising turn of events, the actor went grey and the women went wild. Today, LeBlanc is still looking fine and professionally doing well. He went on to star in the comedy series Episodes which would win him a Golden Globe. He also has starred in the comedy sitcom Man With a Plan and was unveiled as the new host of the car-crazy talk show Top Gear in 2016.

Paul Rudd Then


Phoebe had a string of boyfriends but the one we all loved best was Mike Hannigan, the witty and kind pianist. The character was played by Paul Rudd. Mike was supposed to only appear in a few episodes of the show but the writers found him so charming that they wrote him into the script as Phoebe’s eventual husband.

Paul Rudd Now


Friends may have ended but Rudd’s career was only beginning to pick up steam. The actor has been seen onscreen in popular films like The 40 year old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Anchorman and This is 40. He’s funny, he’s gorgeous and he’s infinitely likable. He’s also been on Broadway and hosted the sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Jennifer Aniston Then


Absolutely everyone had a crush on Rachel Green. She was gorgeous, fun, kind, flawed and responsible for a haircut that millions of women would try to emulate. Rachel was also the enduring love interest of Ross. The two would keep the audience playing a guessing game of ‘will they or won’t they’ for years. The role solidified Aniston as one of Hollywood’s most likable starlets.

Jennifer Aniston Now

Aniston will forever be one of the movie industry’s most loved girls-next-door. She has starred in countless romantic comedies as well as a few more serious roles in movies like Friends with Money and Cake. Sadly, everyone’s favorite actress has not been lucky in love. After a failed marriage to Brad Pitt, Aniston wed Justin Theroux in 2012. The couple announced their surprise break up in February 2018. As always, we’re rooting for you, Jen!

Winona Ryder Then

Winona Ryder memorably starred as Rachel’s college roommate and sorority sister, Melissa. Male fans might remember the two shared a steamy kiss in the episode. Ryder was an indie movie darling at the start of her career, with roles in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and the cult classic Heathers. She also had a few high-profile romances, she dated Matt Damon and Johnny Depp in the nineties.

Winona Ryder Now


In 2001, Ryder’s career would nosedive after she was arrested on shoplifting charges in California. During the trial, she was also accused of abusing prescription drugs. In recent years, the actress has made an impressive comeback. She’s cleaned up her act and returned to the screen, most prominently with her role in Netflix’s sci-fi mystery Stranger Things. The show was a worldwide hit and helped restore Ryder’s career to its former glory.

Mathew Perry Then

For ten seasons, Chandler Bing entertained us with his sarcastic, self-deprecating, quick wit. He was Joey’s right-handd man who struggled with his many romantic pursuits, occasionally chain-smoked and ultimately won the heart of his best friend Monica. Matthew Perry, the man behind the character, seemed to be set for stardom with roles in films like The Whole Nine Yards, Fools Rush In and Three to Tango.

Matthew Perry Now

Despite his initial onscreen success, Perry’s personal life has been troubled. He has had multiple stints in rehab for prescription drug addiction and alcoholism, his weight has fluctuated drastically over the years and at times, his battle with narcotics negatively affected his once-thriving career. Perry seems to have won the battle. He is currently living sober and happy in Malibu.