The Stars Of ER: Where Are They Now?


ER is one of the best TV dramas in the history of television. The series holds the title for the most award nominations of any drama in history. The show aired from 1994 to 2009, introducing us to megastars like George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. You’ll be surprised to see just how many stars got their start on the hospital drama. Read on to see where some of the show’s famous stars are now!

Mario Bella Then

Maria Bello was first recognized for her role as Dr. Anna Del Amico on the third and fourth seasons of ER. Before her big break on the drama her early television appearances included episodes of The Commish, Due South, Nowhere Man and Misery Loves Company.

Maria Bello Now

The actress is currently known for her role of Michelle McBride on Goliath, she also joined NCIS as a series regular playing the part of Special Agent Jacqueline Sloane. Bello has also made some notable appearances in feature films like Payback, Coyote Ugly, Thank You for Smoking, The Jane Austen Book Club and Lights Out.

Christina Hendricks Then

The gorgeous Christina Hendricks played the role of Joyce Westlake in four episodes of ER in 2002. After her stint on the show, she guest starred in numerous television series, namely Angel, Miss Match, Tru Calling, Without a Trace and Presido Med. Despite her initial appearances being minor, there were big things to come for the red-headed beauty.

Christina Hendricks Now

Hendricks landed her career-defining role in Mad Men, playing the feisty Joan Harris, the office manager of advertising agency Sterling Cooper & Partners. The show earned her an impressive six Emmy Award nominations. In 2010, she was voted the Best Looking American Woman by Esquire magazine. She has also had leading roles in The Neon Demon, Lost River and Drive.

Eva Mendes Then

Some people might be surprised to discover that the brunette beauty’s very first role was on the medical drama. Eva played a babysitter. The little girl she is taking care of becomes gravely ill under her watch and is rushed to the ER. Mendes would go on to star in a string of B-grade movies.

Eva Mendes Now

Since her days on ER Mendes’s star has continued to rise. She has appeared in many feature films and can now claim the title of businesswoman. She started a successful clothing line and is the creative director at the CIRCA Beauty company. She also nabbed herself one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. She married Ryan Gosling in 2011. The couple have two children together.

Adam Scott Then

The American actor Adam Scott landed one of his very first TV appearances on the medical drama. Scott played the character of David Kerstetter who was involved in a dramatic car accident in one of the episodes of the show’s first season. He was relatively unknown in his early career but would go on to become a recognizable Hollywood face.

Adam Scott Now

Scott would on to star in over 60 notable feature films and television series. He is most well known for his role in the hilarious sitcom Parks and Recreation, also starring Rob Lowe and Nick Offerman, as well as his role in Stepbrothers with the hysterical Will Ferrel. He has most recently nabbed roles in Big Little Lies and the sitcom Ghosted.

Dakota Fanning Then

Dakota Fanning’s very first acting gig was on ER. She played a leukemia sufferer who desperately needed the attention of the ER doctors. Dakota was a successful child star, starring in movies like I am Sam, Uptown Girls, The Cat in the Hat, Dreamer and War of the Worlds.

Dakota Fanning Now

Fanning made an easy transition into playing more mature, adult roles. She has had notable parts in The Secret Life of Bees, The Runaways, The Twilight Saga and the animated film Coraline. She has also become a famous face in the fashion world. She has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines such as Elle, Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan. She is set to star in 2018’s Ocean’s 8.

Lucy Liu Then

Before Lucy Liu was one of Hollywood’s most well-known faces, she made an appearance on three episodes of ER playing the role of Mei-Sun Leow. Her character was the mom of a four-year-old boy who had contracted the potentially fatal AIDS virus. In 1998 she got her big break playing Ling Woo in Ally McBeal. The role earned her an Emmy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Lucy Liu Now

The beautiful actress has since become a recognizable face on movie screens and on the red carpet. She has had major roles in the Charlie’s Angels movies, alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, she also starred in Quintin Tarantino’s iconic 2003 feature film, Kill Bill and has had multiple notable television roles.

George Clooney Then

Before Clooney became one of Hollywood’s household names, he played the role of Doug Ross on ER. The role helped launched Clooney’s career, earning him two Emmy Award nominations. The silver-haired heartthrob also caught the attention of major producers. He had leading roles in Out of Sight, with Jennifer Lopez, and Batman and Robin.

George Clooney Now

Today, Clooney is one of the world’s most famous leading men. He has an impressive list of acting credits in a variety of roles. He is also the only actor to be nominated for an Academy Award in six different categories. He won an Oscar for his role in the drama Syriana. Clooney married the Lebanese-British human rights lawyer Almal Alamuddin in 2014.

Lake Bell Then

Lake Bell scored her very first acting role on the medical drama. She appeared during the show’s ninth season in 2002 in only two episodes of the series. The beautiful actress would go on to receive more notable roles in 2003.

Lake Bell Now

Actress, director, screenwriter and model Lake Bell soon landed recurring roles in Boston Legal, Surface, Children’s Hospital, How to Make It in America and BoJack Horseman. In 2010, Bell made her writing and directing début with the short film Worst Enemy. Bell has also received much attention for her gorgeous looks. She has a thriving modeling career and was named one of Maxim Magazine 100 hottest women.

Angela Bassett Then

Angela Evelyn Bassett is an American actress and activist. Bassett began her film career in the 1980s, after earning a degree from Yale University. She played the role of Dr. Catherine Banfield during the show’s final 15th season. The character was compelling to audiences, she had a mysterious and traumatic past.

Angela Bassett Now

Bassett has since had a prolific acting career. She is most well-known for her biographical performances. She has played a host of historical African American icons, such as Tina Turner, Betty Shabazz and Rosa Parks. Her role as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It earned her an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe trophy.

Wentworth Miller Then

ER was also one of Wentworth Miller’s first major TV appearances. He played the character of Mike Palmieri in a 2000 episode. Miller played a high school football player that would go on to be injured on the field. Another one of Miller’s first TV appearances was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he would play the cute student turned sea monster Gage Petronzi. 

Wentworth Miller Now

Miller made his departure from minor roles when he landed the part of Michael Scofield in the prison drama Prison break in 2005. The tattooed character proved a major hit with fans around the world. Michael made the move behind the camera when he wrote the screenplay for The Disappointments Room in 2016.

Kristin Davis Then

The young and beautiful Kristin Davis appeared in an episode of ER when she was still a budding actress. Her character shamelessly flirted with Clooney’s Doug Ross. Just after appearing on the show, Davis would land the role of Brooke Armstrong in the hit soap opera Melrose Place. She would star in the series from 1995 to 1996 before pursuing bigger and better acting roles.

Kristin Davis Now

Davis would soon become world famous when she earned the role of Charlotte York on the provocative and extremely popular series Sex and the City. Davis played the role of conservative and marriage-obsessed Charlotte for the shows entire run. Davis would also go on to star in multiple fils such as the two film versions of Sex and the City and Couples Retreat.

Julianna Margulies Then

Julianna Margulies joined the ER cast in 1994. Before landing the role of Carol Hathaway on the medical drama, she had few noteworthy acting credits. She played Carol, the sensitive yet feisty nurse who frequently gave the ER doctors a hard time.

Julianna Margulies Now

After Marguilies’s stint on ER was over, she went on to star in many television and movie roles. Her most recognizable role is on The Good Wife. The dramatic political and legal drama that has received much public popularity and critical acclaim. The show ended in 2016.

Zac Efron Then

Some fans might not remember that the gorgeous Zac Efron had one of his first acting appearances on an episode of ER. He played the young Bobby Neville who suffered a gunshot wound that would ultimately lead him to die on the operating table. Zac’s early career was boosted by his leading role in the High School Musical series which would become an undeniable hit amongst teenage girls around the world.

Zac Efron Now

Zac grew up and Hollywood took notice. Efron gained himself a set of abs and landed himself a string of more mature roles, most notably in feature films. He has experienced some major commercial success with his roles in Baywatch, Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors and, more recently, in the film The Greatest Showman starring opposite Hugh Jackman.

Shane West Then

Shane West is an American actor, musician, and songwriter. West played the role of Dr. Ray Barnett, an esteemed doctor who struggled with balancing his career as a medical professional and his love for music – much like the real-life actor. Girls around the world swooned when West was cast as Many Moore’s love interest Landan Carter in the romantic drama A Walk to Remember.

Shane West Now

The star would go on to play many roles in teen comedies. He also continued to pursue his music career as the lead frontman of his punk rock band Jonny Was. Most recently he has starred in some major television series like Salem, Nikita, Once and Again and The Search for El Dorado.

Noah Wyle Then

Noah Wyle played Dr John Carter on ER for eleven seasons. At the close of season eleven, his character was written out of the show by moving to Africa. He returned as a guest-star in seasons 12 and 13. He earned Emmy Award nominations for his portrayal of Carter for his first five seasons on the show. While starring on the show, Wyle’s estimated salary was $9 million a year.

Noah Wyle Now

Noah Wyle continued to have a successful career both in movies and on television. In 2001, Wyle was also nominated as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine. The actor has appeared in numerous stage productions and is widely noted for his philanthropic work, advocating to get uninsured Americans health coverage.