Spring Interiors Inspiration


Spring is here! Time to lighten things up in your home, and breathe some life into the interior space. This season is all about greens and fun bright colors. So start reviving your humble abode, and we have all the top tips on how to do it.

Go Floral

Transform your inside space with pastel paint, floral accents and fresh patterns. Easter is nearly here so invite in the fresh new air and give it a new breath of life. Choose a springtime color that makes you feel happy; paint an accent wall or the whole room.



Plants help to offer a new sense of fresh air, they give off a calming energy and really enhance any room. Something about a plant just makes you feel calmer and happier. Go for a rubber plant or Succulents and cacti, and place them in the kitchen and living room, to add to the sense of wellbeing.

Scented Candles

Burn a spring-scented candle so your interior will smell like an enchanted forest even when those April showers hit.

Go Retro

Earthy shades of clay, teracotta and ochre feature on global-inspired prints, which will play a key role this season. The patterns, materials and textiles all have a natural, raw feel to them, making them extremely versatile.