Soon After A Man Approached This Homeless Guy, A Stranger Showed Up With A Mysterious Package


It is easy to walk past a homeless person and not pay them any attention. Yet you never know what might happen when you stop to say hello.

Taking It All for Granted

Whether we intend to or not, it’s easy for us to take everyday luxuries for granted. Rob Bliss can certainly attest to that after noticing a homeless man on the cold streets of New York City in December 2017.

Seldom Think Of The Needy

He walked these same streets every day, and hardly took notice as he messaged on is iPhone or wrote emails, or even took videos of things, yet the homeless man who sat there every day, never came into his radar before.

Something Struck A Chord

A resident of the Big Apple, Bliss is a videographer and film director who runs his own viral marketing agency, named Rob Bliss Creative. He has worked with recognizable names such as Chrysler, Up TV and Amtrak, and frequently walks the streets of the city, sometimes unaware.

Good At What He Does

Rob Bliss Creative’s marketing campaigns have earned more than 100 million views on YouTube, proving their effectiveness. “Our methodology is simple,” reads a statement on the About page of the company’s website. “We believe our content has to pull, not be pushed. Viral content is like a drug, you want to deliver the strongest effect as quickly as possible.”

Content Creation

“The more we can make our viewer experience emotion, the more likely they are to share our content,” the statement continued. “This leads to millions of people sharing our work themselves, creating unparalleled engagement and earned media coverage.”

Impressive Achievements

Bliss certainly showcased his entrepreneurial attributes before creating the agency, as he also founded a non-profit organization that put together impressive community events. Those included setting up a 500-foot water slide in the middle of a street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and organizing music festivals spanning several days.

An Unusual Tale

Furthermore, the New York native has his own YouTube channel as well, started on August 29, 2012. Despite hosting just six videos, though, Bliss’ content has earned more than 37 million views in that time, capturing the interest of the online community. However, one of his videos proved particularly heart-warming.


Walking down the side-walk that cold wintery afternoon, he suddenly got an idea for some content. He wanted to spread a message, and a message that would grab the attention of many viewers.

Time To Begin

His idea was something that would most definitely strike a chord with a lot of people, so he decided to begin.

Daily Goals

Titled “How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Good,” Bliss felt compelled to use the hugely popular website’s fast delivery service for a great cause. Published on December 12, 2017, the video opens with the director outlining his goals for the day ahead.

Making An Experiment

“Lately there’s been a large development of smartphone apps that will deliver products to you not in one to two days, but in one to two hours,” Bliss began. “You can have pretty much anything you want delivered. But meanwhile, we’ve had a 40 percent increase in homelessness.”

Tragic Outcome

“Say you’re on your way to work, and you see someone who you think could really use a sleeping bag,” Bliss continued. “One, where are you going to find one of those, and two, even if you find it, buy it and deliver it, aren’t you now going to be late? So you end up with thousands of people walking by a guy with no socks on in the middle of December, and no-one does anything.

Delving In

With that in mind, Bliss then delved into his ambitious plan. “What if we could repurpose the same apps we use to bring ourselves ice-cream and iPhone chargers to finally bring that guy a pair of socks?” he asked. “Would Amazon actually deliver it? We don’t have a real address. I had to go find out.”

Taking To The Streets

From there, the director took to the streets of New York with a hidden camera to speak to homeless people, asking what they required ahead of Christmas. The first man he approached, named Jack, said he was in need of a new pair of socks and shoes. “Sounds good, let me see what I can do all right?” Bliss responded, before walking away.

Proving His Theory

Moments later, Bliss took out his phone and ordered the items in question on Amazon’s Prime Now service. “Give the package to Jack,” he wrote in the Special Delivery Instructions box. “The guy sitting outside with the grey beard and brown jacket.”

Utter Disbelief

Some time after that, an Amazon courier walked up to Jack and delivered the items with a friendly pat on the shoulder, much to the latter’s disbelief. “How do I thank him?” the homeless man asked, before taking a closer look at his new shoes and socks.

Christmas Come Early

From there, the video cuts to several other people receiving items ordered by Bliss earlier in the day, including a couple sitting on the sidewalk with their dog. Meanwhile another man, who asked for long johns and a backpack, was overjoyed when his package arrived. And much like Jack, they were all acknowledged by the couriers, whether it be a handshake or a fist bump.

Heart-Breaking Answer

After that, Bliss approached one more person and asked the same question, only to receive a heartbreaking answer. “They stole my clothes last night with my phone and everything, and now I have nothing,” he responded. Undeterred, the director made one last order, which clearly meant the world to the man in question. The video then came to a close with a message that read, “You can help too.

What One Person Can Do

Bliss’ video has earned more than two million views and 64,000 likes since being posted on YouTube, as well as more than 4,600 comments. While most of those were fairly positive, one user in particular felt the need to reiterate the director’s message. “This isn’t a social experiment, this isn’t a prank, this is pure kindness,” wrote user Jaspev.

Every Little Helps

“This is exactly what we need,” Jaspev continued. “Please, if you have the funds, at least give one person in need some money, food, or just a blanket. Anything can help, even just saying sorry or starting a conversation.”

One Gesture Can Make A Huge Impact

When reflecting on that day, Bliss spoke of how a simple gesture can make an indelible impact on those who need it. “You would see someone and they would look so depressed, but as soon as you acknowledged them they lit up,” he recalled to Today in December 2017.

Stigmatizing People

With that in mind, he then shifted his focus to those who made the deliveries, noting their kindness to the recipients. “I was definitely surprised by how sweet and caring the couriers were,” Bliss continued. “I was concerned that the couriers would have a lot of hesitation or stigmatize these people, but they took to it like fish to water. You could tell they enjoyed it and it meant something to them.”

What We Take For Granted

While the New York native continues to run his agency, he hopes his actions before Christmas can inspire others. In particular, he hopes rival delivery services to Amazon will follow suit. By doing so, they could further help those in need of the little things we often take for granted.

What Can You Do To Help

He showed in his video, how one small act can make such a hug difference, what can we do in our own way to show our kindness and give back?