Royal Wedding Hilarious Moments You Definitely Missed

Confusing and Hysterical Sermon

Michael Curry, the first black African American bishop of the Episcopal Church, gave an eccentric 12 minute speech at the Royal Wedding and stole the spotlight from the couple. His speech caused Prince William to smirk in front of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Additionally, even Harry and Meghan looked at each other and smiled. David Beckham also grinned. Meanwhile, Sir Elton John became a meme because of how annoyed he looked during the speech.

Prince Harry’s Veil Fumble

Traditionally the purview of the father of the bride, the newly-minted Duke of Sussex took on the role of removing his bride’s veil… and fumbled it just a little. The moment served as an endearing reminder that as carefully choreographed as the royal wedding might have been, in the end it was all about the love between one real couple.

Pregnant Zara Tindall (Phillips) stunned face

Pregnant Zara Tindall turned up to the wedding ready to pop alongside husband Mike Tindall. While we caught glimpses of the mum-to-be before entering the venue, there was one moment during the ceremony when the camera panned onto the couple. As Pastor Michael Curry spoke about the historical significant of fire, she looked a little lost, as did a lot of other guests.

When George And Amal Chatted Up Serena

You might expect the marriage between a prince and a respected actress to be an A-list event, but the guests really pulled out the stops for the big day. George and Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian, and Idris Elba and his fiancee Sabrina Dhowre all turned up in their most gorgeous spring wedding fare (and fascinators, of course.)

Princess Charlotte’s cute wave

When Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince Louis in April, royal fans caught sight of Prince George and Princess Charlotte as they visited their new little brother in hospital. So we couldn’t wait to see them again at their uncle and new aunt’s wedding. Charlotte, three, definitely stole the show as she waved on in her adorable bridesmaid dress.

All the exes present

When Chelsea Davey and Cressida Bonas were amongst the royal guests, there was talk about which one of them would halt the wedding to say that she wanted to marry the prince. Davy, who dated Harry on and off for seven years, attended the wedding at St. George’s Chapel but didn’t make the list for the more exclusive evening reception. Was that a royal snub?

When David Beckham Stole The Show

Before Prince Harry saw Meghan Markle for the first time and the tears started flowing, 600 fabulous guests made their way into St. George’s Chapel. But we just couldn’t stop staring at David Beckham. The 43-year-old athlete looked incredibly dapper in Dior Homme as he walked into the royal wedding ceremony with a pair of sunglasses on alongside Victoria. All eyes were on him.

Archbishop No No

When the Archbishop was delivering his speech, he accidentally said ‘sexual union’. He specifically said, “The gift of marriage brings husband and wife together in the delight and tenderness of sexual union and joyful commitment to the end of their lives.” Many people from the crowd started laughing quietly, but the incident passed quickly and everyone was quiet again.

Prince Harry said ‘I will’

Tradition and custom dictates that the husband and wife exchange vows to each other on their wedding day. It is an expression of love and care for each other from that moment till ‘death do us part’. As soon as the couple announce their ‘I do’s’ to each other, the deal is sealed for life. Naturally, everyone expected an ‘I do’. However, Harry answered, “I will.” There was a moment of silence, followed by collective laughter amongst the guests and the couple themselves.

Sarah, Duchess Of York’s Arrival

When Sarah the Duchess of York arrived, she arrived as if to say ‘i’m here’ except it caused a lot of laughs on twitter. Sadly no one cared as much about her as they did other guests.

Pippa’s Dress

Pippa Middleton wore a lovely green flowered dress, but it was hilariously compared to a can of iced tea on Twitter, and we have to say, we definitely agree.

Miley Moment

Royal processions don’t rank high on most three-year-olds’ lists and Princess Charlotte is clearly no exception. As the cars carrying the bridesmaids to the reception rolled along, the young lady took the opportunity to playfully stick her tongue out at some photographers.

Harry’s Words At The Altar

The happy couple may not have had a lot of private time on their big morning, but as Meghan reached the altar alongside Prince Charles, the groom took a moment to check in with a few quiet words. “Are you OK? You look amazing,” he said, Meghan reportedly responded with “Thank you,” and another question that can’t quite be made out. This made the world swoon.

No Tears Right Now

The royal wedding featured plenty of happy tears as guests celebrated the beautiful ceremony, but there was at least one member of the wedding party who was weeping for another reason. One of the young bridesmaids, possibly the youngest of the group, two-year-old Zalie Warren, found the spectacle a little overwhelming and had to be cared for by the royal nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, during the ceremony.

Homage To Diana

The bride and groom paid tribute to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, in a variety of ways on their big day, but one of the subtler moments came when the couple exchanged vows. In her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, Diana made a controversial break from tradition by choosing to omit the promise to “obey” from her vows, a move that quickly set the trend for royal ladies and one which both of her daughters-in-law have now carried on.

Sneaky Second Kiss

Though the royal family has traditionally been pretty reserved on the PDA front, the happy couple sneaked in a second public smooch during their post-ceremony procession. (Their first public kiss was shared, in traditional fashion, in front of St. George’s Chapel immediately following the ceremony.)

Surprise Guest In The Crowd

With an event as planned-to-a-T as the royal wedding, you wouldn’t think there would be many surprises left for the bride, but Meghan got one big one courtesy of a surprise guest. As the couple rose through London in their carriage after the ceremony, Meghan caught sight of a familiar face in the crowd—her former drama teacher Gigi Perreau who was a guest and contributor to ITV. Meghan locked eyes with her old teacher for a moment, happily exclaiming “Oh my God!” as the carriage drove past.

Queenie Already Over It

When the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh Were Like, “Well, That’s It Until October”
The royals will do this all again in October, when Princess Eugenie is getting married at the same venue.

Ring Trouble

The wedding between Prince William and Kate was a fairly seamless affair. However, there was a temporary moment of worry when it appeared that the groom was having issues with successfully placing the wedding ring on the finger of his bride. Kate could be seen smiling as Prince William struggled with the ring. However, he managed to finally place the ring on her finger in the end.

Unruly Bridesmaid Has Enough

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace, one little girl was none-too-pleased.Grace van Cutsem, daughter of Hugh Ralph van Cutsem and Rose Astor, was made a bridesmaid for the wedding. When the then three-year-old appeared on the balcony, it was made quite clear that she wasn’t a fan of the overwhelming noise as she could be seen covering her ears.

Hat Or Pretzel?

Princess Beatrice was the cause of a lot of banter after her and her sister’s interesting outfit choices for their cousins weddings. For William and Kate’s wedding, Beatrice chose a Philip Treacy hat that resembled a pretzel. We don’t think she will ever live it down.

A Pippa Moment

We all remember the day Pippa Middleton captured the world’s attention at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding with her figure-hugging bridesmaid dress. This time around, it was Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney who was spotted by royal watchers as she helped wrangle the children into the church, leading to claims of a “Pippa bum moment.”

Whispering Sweet Nothings

After looking nervous waiting for his bride, 33 year old Harry soon shared his feelings with her once she arrived at the alter. According to some spectators, the groom whispered something a little naughty to Meghan.
One person wrote on Twitter: “Huge fan of Harry saying ‘I’m sh*tting it’ in front of every country in the world.” Of course we’re not sure what Prince William’s brother actually said, but the bashful groom certainly looked a little nervous.

Katharine Duchess Of Kent

The 85-year-old Duchess performed a royal taboo when she wore a pair of sneakers to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. Katharine, The Duchess of Kent, was spotted arriving at Windsor Castle on Saturday wearing a floor-skimming floral Erdem gown (worth over $4,000), lavender headpiece and pearls, teamed a pair of ivory sneakers.

Meghan Said What??

Viewers say they saw Meghan turn to her husband and exclaim “Oh f***!” after the service in a carriage as they pulled away from Windsor Castle. But not everyone is convinced, saying she simply said “Oh wow” following the emotional ceremony. “I swear I just saw Meghan say ‘f***” said one Twitter user. “Meghan says ‘oh f***!’ as carriage enters private section of Long Walk. What a farce! #RoyalWedding,” said another viewer.


Can We Go Already?

The Queen does not look too impressed, it looks like she is dreaming of going back to Buckingham Palace and putting her feet up with a cup of tea and stroking her corgis.

Royal Thumbs Up

When David and Victoria rocked up to the Royal wedding, looking dapper and very smart, David greeted the eager crowds with a thumbs up, Victoria didn’t seem too impressed. David it is a royal occasion, how about a royal wave instead. The thumbs up seemed a bit casual.

Time Goes By So Slowly

More guests who had definitely had enough, and ready for tea and cake. After a long sermon, a gospel choir and extremely dragged out service, we would probably be thinking the same thing. Not to mention that hat looks terribly uncomfortable, even if it is Philip Treacy.

Tongue Tied

It seems that Princess Charlotte takes after her dad, at his wedding he couldn’t help but stick his tongue out at the crowd.

Balancing Act

As the happy couple descended down the stairs to meet the crowd after leaving the church, the beautiful bride almost lost her balance as she tripped in her veil. Luckily she made a close save and laughed it off. It could have been a royal disaster.

Say What?

The bridge and groom entered the royal carriage to be whisked away, but the groom clearly did something to make the bride laugh or wonder what in the world he was doing. This is a priceless look. What would you caption it?


Little Will

We are throwing it way back, when little William was a page boy for his aunties wedding.  The bridesmaid did not look too happy at all. William had been terrorizing her during the ceremony. What a shot! We wonder what he would think about this now.


Behind Your Back

This page boy found it very comical as he held the train of Meghan’s veil, while she walked down the aisle. We wonder what was so funny for him. This photo went viral, what do you think he was laughing at?