Most Epic Construction Fails

Cash Machine For Bilbo Baggins

The builders of this ATM machine were either lazy or did not think properly about the fact that people would have to sit on the ground in order to get their cash out. They had one job to do and they failed.

Slide Into Nowhere

This actually looks pretty dangerous if you ask us, imagine letting your child on this slide having a whale of  a time and all of a sudden, sliding straight into a pit in the ground. Who ever built this, did not think about child safety or practicality it seems. We wonder how far down that hole goes.

Stop Right Now Thank You Very Much

This is truly comical. Stop is one of the most used words and signs, and whoever wrote this has clearly been hiding under a rock. the sign SOTP is a funny mistake, but surprising that it wasn’t painted over straight away. Well it made its mark in its own way we suppose.

Balcony Bust

Holiday homes are supposed to be luxurious, especially new builds. The architect spends many a painful night designing the perfect window placements and balconies so that eager buyers jump at the opportunity to own such beautiful apartments. Well this is a big boo boo right here! The second floor balcony has no window or door to walk out onto it. It looks more like a piece of modern art.

Road To Nowhere

Now this makes absolutely no sense. Imagine driving down this road only to get stopped by a huge wire pole. Whoever erected this was surely drunk, there is no other explanation surely. Right bam smack in the middle of the road, unless this road is strictly for walking on but that makes no sense.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well, there doesn’t get more of a construction fail than this! imagine being on either side of this not being able to get to where you need to go and fearing for your life. The builders of this bridge are going to get into some serious trouble, seriously a bridge that is built well does not just break away from itself, unless it is in a Disney movie.

Fire Exit

If there is a fire you would want to know that when you open that door to safety, you can run out as soon as possible to the safest area. This fire exit, not so much, imagine running through this door, you would plummet to your death. This is as stupid as they get if you ask us.

Chasing Pavements

We are just not quite sure what to make of this. These big boulders are weighing down the huge pole, but right in the middle of the cycle lane, which really makes no sense at all. Not too sure what they were thinking when they put these huge rocks down, or maybe they weren’t, that would make more sense.

Wonky Window

We are not sure how that could have even happened, how does a window become wonky? was this on purpose to mess with passers by we wonder. But it makes it look like a motel from hell, a sort of Hotel California place, you can check in but you can’t leave.

Stairway to….

This looks like something from a magical Harry Potter movie, where the stairs lead to some strange unknown world. In reality whoever designed this, must have been drunk or half asleep. This is not platform 9 3/4 but you could try running up to it and seeing what happens, we dare you.

Bathroom Buddies

So women do like to go to the bathroom together, it’ s a thing, however this is a little too close for comfort we would say. Who ever designed this, had the right idea in mind but this was a huge flop. The design went down the toilet (pun intended). We can’t imagine anyone actually using this.

Life Is A Paved Road

Imaging riding your bike happily, following the arrows which tell you which direction you should go in, and all of a sudden you screech to a halt, fall off your bike and fly over the poles that are in the middle of the track. Yes this could happen.

Stairway To Heaven

It is so strange to think that something so obvious can be so difficult for architects and interior designers. It is almost as if staircases are no longer something of use but actually just a form of decoration in buildings these days. Well, we suppose it is good exercise going up and down to nowhere.

Phallic Fail

This is actually the biggest fail but funniest one we have seen. Who ever had the amazing vision in mind when designing the windows got it so wrong, unless they really did do this on purpose and in that case, we take our hats off to them. A lovely way for the light to shine through each morning we must admit.

Red Light

This traffic light is not really doing it’s job here. We are not sure who thought that it would be a good idea to build a bridge over it, or to have the traffic light looking as though it is in a time out and facing away from anyone or anything. It has now become a decoration. We hope it hasn’t caused any traffic accidents.

Best Pitch In The House

We just love going to concerts or sports games and getting there early enough to get good seats. There is nothing worse than having an obstruction in front of you, or someone tall so you cannot see over them. Imagine going to this sports game and just watching a wall the whole time.

Toilet Troubles

When you gotta go, you just gotta go. There is truly nothing more satisfying that finding a bathroom in a public place when you need it the most. But what if you see the door, but cant actually get in because there is a bench obstructing it. This is truly a fail. We are angry for all those people nearly peeing their pants because they can’t open the door. It’s like being Punk’d.

Merry Go Round

Unless you are a hobbit, there is no way you can play under there, this is a terrible design. Imagine hitting your head as it goes round. Don’t try this at home kids.

The Glass Ceiling

What a beautiful design, just lets the light shine in so beautifully. Looking up at the sky must be such a wonderful sight. This is actually one of the greatest designs in our book.

Money Moves

This is very size-ist. There should be a sign saying if you aren’t over 5 ft 11 you can’t use this. This is clearly only a tall person’s ATM.  If you’re short, better go to the one where you have to sit on the floor.

Basement Fail

Ever go to your friend’s house and want to go chill in the basement? Well we did this the other day and the stairs led to nowhere. It seemed the staircase was just there for fun.


When you tell the builder to build you gates that go all the way across the garden. Lesson learned here, don’t leave things to the builder, and being specific doesn’t always work.

Fire Fire

If there was a fire, this fire hydrant would not be so helpful. It is very well protected, but just a little bit too protected if you ask us.

Bike Path

Ummmm, we are not sure what to say about this one. Just poor cyclists really, they always end up losing out. A nice ride turns into having to get off your bike to then climb over a railing, or riding on the motorway, not a lot of options.

Design Went Down The Toilet

Is it just us, or does this building from above look like a big toilet? We thought so too.  We wonder if this was done on purpose. Either way the design went straight down the toilet. Brought us some comedy though at least.

Bumpy Ride

If you are in a wheelchair, this handicapped path is not exactly the most handy. It would be quite a bumpy ride. This was definitely not thought through very well at all. We don’t even want to imagine the amount of accidents trying to go down that.

Desperate Times

Gosh they just want to make it so hard for us to get our hard earned cash out don’t they. First you have to go up the stairs, then you have to kneel down to even put your pin in. Well at least they cover you from the rain, it’s the least they can do.


There is nothing like running out of phone battery when you need it most, and searching frantically for a socket to charge your phone, only to find out that you can’t actually reach it. It looks like some weird piece of modern art. An object that you can’t actually use it.  Terrible design.

Too Close For Comfort

Friends that pee together…. Let’s get real, even guys with the biggest bromance surely would not feel comfortable practically peeing on top of each other. There is close and then there is close. And this is close! The design of this is really, truly terrible.

Hashtag Fail

Um helllooooo Imagine trying to ride over this in a wheel chair, or a car that isn’t a 4 wheel drive! This is a terrible disaster and was not thought through at all. Sometimes we do wonder what goes through their mind.

A Winding Road

Climbing stairs always feels like a workout, but when you get to the top it is such a sense of achievement and you feel proud, especially if there is food waiting at the other side are we right ladies and gentlemen? But what about climbing a winding staircase only to find that you have to go all the way back down. Yeah. Madness.

Interiors Inspiration

Hotel interior designers have a large task on their hands. The guests have to feel comfortable and feel a sense of luxury. Little trinkets, accessories, lovely candles and other objects can make a room feel like a home away from home. Sometimes however, these can be very unnecessary.  This is a first for us, seeing blinds, trying to open them to get some light in, only to find out that actually they are just covering a wall. Can we get a faillllllll.

Window To The Soul

This looks super eery and scary. We wonder what the builder was thinking putting only one window in, or if they got lazy, or if they wanted to see if anyone would notice. We are not sure what the window looks out to, but it is freaky.

Balcony Fail

Oh right, so you want to open your balcony door, but when you do you have to catch yourself from plummeting to the hard cold stone ground. That was clever wasn’t it. They obviously aborted mission after this one when realizing how unpractical the design was, but not too sure why they even kept this one.

Life’s Obstacles

Oh life, it throws obstacles at you every day, it is a mine field.  You never know what will come next, will it be a corridor that you have to jump over two large very heavy poles in order to get to the other side? Or will it be needing to ask for more cheese in your toasted sandwich? You just never know. Who ever designed this must have been eating a cheese sandwich at the time and not concentrating on the plans.

Bad Design Or Art?

Nowadays so many things are trying to make a point that we are not quite sure if this is just there to mess with people or it was an actual honest mistake. But we cannot fathom how someone missed this when building the other side of the wall it really makes no sense to us.

Phone Issues

Tall people just don’t understand what it is like being short. It is as if who ever built this, was trying to tease all the short people in this world. We sympathize.

Toilet Troubles

We all need those moments of privacy. Well apparently the builders of this bathroom cubicle don’t believe in peeing without the rest of the world seeing. We are not sure how well this turned out.


Escalators leading up to a wall is not exactly the exit they were looking for. Especially as it leads right up to getting smacked in the face. Surely the builders of this can’t have thought that it was acceptable. They need to rethink their day job we think.

Phone Home

We thought the whole point of phone boxes, especially iconic British red ones, were that the phone was supposed to be inside the box, hence the name. Also the placement of the phone is so very wrong, unless you are a very small child.

Right Turn Only

What do you do when the lane says ‘right turn only’ but there is no possible way to turn right? Yep, is this a practical joke by the people who painted this on the road? Well it is funny, but if we were driving we are not so sure we would think so. We would be very confused.