Man Splits Up With His Girlfriend, What Happened Next Would Change His Life Forever

Gut feeling

Several signs can indicate we are about to be in for a lucky time. Occasionally, we need to grab these opportunities by the horns and seize them while we can. It was one particular sign after he made a hard decision, that this man saw that was about to leave him jumping for joy.

Soccer fan

55-year-old Paul Long has always been an avid soccer fan, supporting his local team, Leyton Orient, at their home stadium whenever he can afford to. Although he is always there to cheer them on, they had been struggling to secure a win since before Christmas. However, that was all about to change. The team took to the pitch to battle it out against Woking.

What Would The Score Be?

After 90 minutes battling it out, Leyton Orient won 3 – 0! Everyone supporting the home team was on their feet to celebrate, including Paul. No one could believe they had managed to secure a win after so many weeks of defeats.

Troubled waters

The Leyton Orient is one of the oldest soccer clubs in London. Sadly, their experience doesn’t mean they have kept clear of trouble. In fact, many manager changes and many failed matches meant the club was at risk of going under. Thankfully, an avid fan of the club bought them out of any trouble back in 2017. Now they have some stable support; the team could finally work on making it to the top of the league tables.

Looking for work

Although Paul loves watching his local soccer team, he isn’t always able to make the big games. Sadly, an injury means Paul has struggled to find work. For 14 years, Paul was one of the workers at the Ford car factory in Essex, UK. However, he managed to injure his Achilles’ tendon after trying to pull a suitcase up a flight of stairs. The injury would have devastating effects, and now Paul was unable to work anymore. Soccer was his only solace.

Feeling lucky

Paul was ecstatic with his team’s big win and wanted to celebrate the best way possible. What would be better than using his good luck to have a chance at the lottery? He headed online and set about making the purchases. Paul reports he had just $11.20 in his account at the time so opted to buy two lines of numbers at $2.85 each. Leaving it all up to fate, he chose randomly generated numbers.

Terrible Times

Not only was he out of work, but he was having a very hard time in his love life. His girlfriend Juliet West, was the love of his life for 5 years, but recently, it seemed that it was not going to be forever for them, and their relationship was on the rocks. He was feeling lucky today, but he knew he had a sinking feeling that he had to end the relationship.

Not An Easy Thing To Do

He felt terrible, but he knew it was right for both of them. After he sat down and spoke to her, he went to bed that night feeling a little lighter, sad but a little lighter. He even forgot about going to put money on the lottery earlier that day.

Making the discovery

A strange email came in the following morning. He could not believe what he was reading. He had to sit down and read it again. This surely could not be, he didn’t know what to do next, he froze, he felt sick, he was in a total state of shock.

What Happened?

Paul was a winner! The next question was to find out how much he would be looking at taking home. So Paul set about finding out how much he had won. He had to read the email again and even a third time to take it in, he made sure to check that it was not spam or a scam.

Life Changing Moment

A quick re-read of the email and he discovered he was about to take home £9,000 ($12,700) – that would be enough to cover the next few months at least, and then some. Now, it was time to get on the phone to the lottery line and find out what to do next.

But Was it a scam?

Although Paul was elated to read the email, he wasn’t convinced that he was really a winner. He hadn’t been able to access his account for a few days before buying his ticket and was sure that someone else had got access to his details. Was someone playing a trick on him? After all, it wouldn’t take much for someone to sneak into his account and send a fake message.

The minor details

Paul found the number he needed to get in contact with the lottery. Time would tell if it was real. Paul was asked all about his details, including the balls he had chosen on the ticket. Surely the scam would have to be revealed now? Paul was in for a surprise.

Paul Was In For A Shock

The woman on the end of the phone confirmed that he had won £9,000 ($12,700)!But there was even more, she explained to him something even more shocking, he needed to pour himself a stiff drink.

More News To Come

The woman on the phone had even more good news for Paul: he was the lottery’s only jackpot winner. However, this left Paul more confused. If there was only one winner, how come the jackpot was so low? Paul thought even if there were a few winners he would still be walking away with at least £100,000 ($142,000). He asked the lady again, who confirmed that Paul was the only one to hold a winning ticket. What was happening?

Friendly advice that would change his life

Paul didn’t know what to do. After all, he now knew that he was holding onto a winning ticket, but how could he win so little? He needed help. Who could he turn to? It was then that Paul decided to ring his friend. He explained everything that happened, including the conversation with the woman on the phone, and agreed to text over the numbers. His friend said he would see if he could find out what was going on. What he was about to discover was set to change Paul’s life…

Shut Up

The phone rang, and it was Paul’s friend. What had he been able to discover? After searching around on the internet, he had found out the truth behind the ticket. In fact, his friend had even gone to the official lottery website as he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was time to make sure Paul was sitting down. He hadn’t won £9,000. Oh no, he was the winner of a whopping £9.3 million ($13.2 million). Paul only had one response. “Shut up.”

Still not convinced

Even though Paul had now heard the news, he still wasn’t convinced by the whole story. He was surrounded by people at the house and was convinced that someone was playing a trick on him. Maybe even his friend had got in on the plan? Any minute now they would all begin laughing and tell him the truth. It just had to be a practical joke; there was no way Paul was about to become a millionaire.

Another call

Paul immediately got back on the phone to the people at the lottery. There was no way he had accidentally bought himself a lottery ticket that had just landed him £9 million. It wasn’t long before someone answered, and he was once again asked to go through all the security questions. What would the verdict be?

The truth comes out

The truth was in; Paul was now a multimillionaire. It suddenly clicked that he had misheard the women on the phone before saying he had won a few thousand.

Getting advice

One of the steps after winning the lottery in the UK is getting an official adviser. They will usually travel to your home where they thoroughly check your ID. Then, it is their job to fill in the required forms as well as find out how many people know about your big news. Once all the other checks are done, the advisors will usually suggest people open a private bank account to keep their money safe. Finally, it is time to receive your payment. This could be just hours after the meeting.

Sinking in

Paul’s winning draw took place on Saturday, March 24, 2018. However, it wasn’t until the Monday that the news officially began to sink in that he was now a winner. Even throughout all the calls, Paul continued to ask if he was being scammed or if his friends were playing a huge trick on him.

How would he celebrate?

Now the good news had sunk in there was only one thing left to do: celebrate! Yet, Paul didn’t want to go overboard with his newly found fortune. To enjoy his new money, Paul opened up a bottle of lager before deciding he needed something far more British. A cup of tea. Later that evening, he took his closest friends and family out for a meal of ribs, chicken, and steak.

Turn of events

Paul had been with 52-year-old Juliet West for five years before they amicably split – just one day before he discovered he was the jackpot lottery winner. Even though Paul moved out of their shared home, the pair have remained friends. However, that hasn’t stopped some animosity between the pair. Would they be able to put it all behind them, or was this going to be too much for Juliet to handle? After all, she has just lost out on millions…

Too much to handle

Paul believed his ex would be devastated to learn that he was the latest to walk away with the jackpot. However, when reporters asked Juliet if she was happy for Paul, she simply sighed and replied: “I suppose so.” Juliet was also unimpressed that her former partner believed she would be upset with his win. Maybe this lottery jackpot is too much to handle after all?

Lavish purchases

What could be the first thing that Paul buys with his millions? Paul used his money for a £250 ($355) deposit to upgrade to a new £23,000 ($32,700) Ford EcoSport. The winner admits he doesn’t want any flash sports cars or mansions. Instead, he wants to save his money. So far, his only purchases are set to be a £300 ($425) season ticket for his soccer club in his lucky seat, as well as upgrading “to a better brand of tea bag.”

Spreading the love

All hope may not be lost for Juliet. Paul admits he wants to share his fortune by taking his former love for a meal or on vacation. Although Paul also has three adult children, one daughter, and two sons, he reports that he won’t be making any extravagant purchases. There may be the chance for properties in the future, but for now, he wants to sit back and take everyone along with him on the ride as he enjoys his new wealth.