Interesting Facts You About Living In The Royal Family


There has been a lot of speculation about how Meghan Markle’s life will change once she shacks up with Prince Harry. There are many strict rules set by Queen Elizabeth, find out why living with the Royal Family isn’t all that fun.

No Personal Social Media

Meghan Markle had to kiss her Snapchat dog selfies goodbye after she got engaged to Prince Harry in November 2017. Her social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook have in fact been inactive for months. Members of the Royal Family are not allowed to run their own active social media accounts.

No Fan Selfies

After Meghan Markle appeared in public with Prince Harry on their first official royal engagement, the future Duchess of Sussex revealed that she can no longer take selfies with anyone after several avid and loving fans asked to snap a photograph with her.

No More Autographs

The Royal Family members are also forbidden to sign autographs, something the former Suits actress is extremely used to doing. The rule was created so no one would forge the Royal signatures, which is why they are only allowed to sign royal documents. Prince William and Kate Middleton broke the rule by signing the U.S. Embassy book of condolences for the victims of the Orlando shootings in 2016.

From Red to Nude

Royal Family members stick to light and nude nail polishes because dark and colored hues are forbidden. We wonder if Meghan will rebel against this rule.

Closet Purge

Did you know? The Queen of England despises wedge shoes, and has put her foot down to women in the Royal Family that an outfit paired with wedges will not go down well, so, we assume that the former actress will have to do a closet rehaul, there are many style requirements set by the Queen, read on to find out more.

A Full-Time Royal

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, the Duchess had to end her career almost immediately. Kate worked as a website designer, photographer and marketing officer for Party Pieces, her parents’ events planning company. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have to do the same once those wedding bells start to chime, as the royal affairs call.

Royal Residence

No member of the Royal Family, whether their title is Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Earl, or Countess, may reside in a regular house. If Meghan Markle chose to buy a house in England, Prince Harry could stay there if he really wanted to, but an official royal residence for the couple, with the approval of Queen Elizabeth as per royal protocol, is a requirement.

Limited Political Rights

When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry, she will become a U.K. citizen, but that will not grant her certain rights that other U.K. citizens benefit from, such as voting and political expression. The Royal Family cannot vote, run for any type of political office, or express any political views publicly.

Hilarious Christmas Gift

Meghan reportedly gave the Queen– wait for it….. a singing toy hamster. “Meghan bought a little hamster that sings with a little rope for Her Majesty,” an anonymous source told the Daily Star in January 2018. In case you weren’t aware, singing toy hamsters vary in price, although it’s unlikely Meghan paid much money for one. “She laughed and said, ‘They can keep my dogs company!’” said a source.

PDA is Frowned Upon

Public display of affection is extremely rare for the Royal Family. You never seen Queen Elizabeth give her husband a smooch. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle frequently break this rule with their hand-holding and public affection.

Marrying Out of the Faith

Meghan Markle has not publicly associated herself with a particular religion or church, and therefore she will be baptized and confirmed before the wedding. The LA-born former Suits star’s father is a member of the Anglican Episcopal Church of the United States while her mother is a member of the Protestant faith, but the Royal Family, associated with the Church of England, takes its religion very seriously, so the future Duchess has to be confirmed before the marriage.

The Duchess Slant

Women of the Royal Family members are forbidden to sit with folded legs. You’ll never see the Duchess of Cambridge crossing her legs. Instead, she slightly slants her legs side-by-side and that tilt has been crowned “the Duchess slant.” Princess Diana actually came up with the feminine royal seating position to avoid crossing her legs.

No Nicknames at Buckingham Palace

No one is allowed to call any member of the Royal Family by his or her nickname because it’s considered too informal. Lady Diana and Kate Middleton actually skipped the rule as people often referred to Diana as “Lady Di” and refer to the Duchess as “Kate,” instead of her full name, Catherine.

Hats Off; Tiaras On!

When you see those elaborate hats the royal women wear to formal events, it’s not just a fashion statement. An outfit to an official event is considered incomplete without a hat, but if the event takes place indoors after 18:00, the hats will be replaced by a sparkly tiara. The tiara rule only applies to married women, as a woman at a formal event without a tiara means that she’s on the market.

A Royal Beauty Routine

A hairstylist is required to be available for the Royal Family no matter the circumstances, like when the Duchess of Cambridge got her hair done after she gave birth. Kate Middleton must look well-groomed, manicured, and fresh at all times.

Free of Fur

King Edward III banned anyone, including the Royal Family and the men of the Church, from wearing any fur in the 12th century, but it seems like the rule has been forgotten by some of the royals, even Queen Elizabeth, who has been spotted donning furs on several occasions.

A Neon-Colored Dressed Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is renowned for her neon-colored garish ensembles, usually donning a matching coat, dress, and hat. She likes to go for bright and luminous colors, from neon yellow to royal blue, because she wants to stand out in crowds. According to Countess Sophie of Wessex, it’s so people can be able to say “I saw the Queen” or spot her hat.

Two Heirs to the Throne Cannot Travel Together

Those in line to the throne are not allowed to fly on the same plane together even if they are going to the same place, which means Prince William cannot technically fly together with Kate and their children George, Charlotte and Louis, however the Queen has allowed them to bend the rules on occasions.

Stay In Line

Meghan Markle has to stand behind Kate Middleton and of course, no one can stand in front of Queen Elizabeth II. Regardless of their ‘solid’ friendship, royal protocol means that since Meghan ranks lower than the future queen consort, Kate must walk and stand in front of her during official engagements.

No Shellfish

An old rule in England declared shellfish off limits for the Royal Family to eat because of the potential chance of food poisoning. The Queen likes to be daring and bent the rule during former President Barack Obama’s visits to the U.K., and a few private chefs at Buckingham Palace have revealed that they served lobster on several occasions. When it comes to food, the Queen can be very picky and bans certain other foods and condiments from her residences.

Dinner with the Queen

The number one rule when dining at Buckingham Palace is that everyone has to follow the pace of the Queen. No one is allowed to start eating until Her Majesty the Queen has lifted her cutlery to take her first bite of the meal. The royals also never put down their silverware unless they need to drink or use the restroom, at which point they cross the cutlery on their plate so the staff knows they aren’t finished eating.

Small Talk with the Royal Family

Whether one is invited for high tea or dinner party, meal conversations are formulated according to particular rules. The Queen starts the conversation with the guests by turning to the person seated to her right to converse during the first course. She then switches to the guest seated to her left during second course.

Megs Needs To Learn How To Have High Tea at Buckingham Palace

The Royal Family love their afternoon teas, and it seems so does the rest of Great Britain. Filled with an enticing variety of finger-foods, cucumber sandwiches, pastries, scones with jam and cream, and Earl Grey tea. The royal etiquette expert Myka Meier explains that there’s an art to holding a teacup at Buckingham Palace. Will Meghan have to have lessons?

A Somber Wardrobe Requirement

Whenever the Royal Family travels, they are required to have with them an all-black outfit, even the neon-color-loving Queen. It is extremely important for them not to forget this black ensemble, and for a very morbid reason
Every family member is expected to be prepared with a funeral-appropriate outfit should any of the royals suddenly pass away. The Queen was informed of her father King Geroge VI’s death while she was in Kenya with Prince Philip. She had no mourning outfit on her upon her return to England.

Garlic Breath Prevention

Queen Elizabeth actually hates garlic so much that it’s been banned from Buckingham Palace’s kitchen. She also doesn’t like her food served with too many onions Chef Carolyn Robb, who worked as full-time private chef at Kensington Palace, told OK! Magazine that the Royal Family doesn’t eat garlic because of having to talk at public engagements in close proximity to people.

Tuppaware Only

What the Queen does love eating are strawberries, only in season, while her favorite is a chocolate biscuit cake. Her breakfast menu is absolutely non-negotiable, consisting of English Breakfast tea and Cornflakes served in a plastic Tupperware containers for her and Prince Philip. How interesting!

Quite The Life For A Royal Corgi

Not only does the Queen not reprimand her best Corgi companions, she also ensures they eat homemade gourmet meals every day prepared by the private in-house chef at Buckingham Palace. What’s more, the meals are hand-delivered by one of the palace’s footmen. They are served fresh rabbit stew and finely chopped meat.

Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Conversation Code

When The Queen finishes talking to someone, she always needs to be the first to leave so as to avoid people turning their backs to her. But how do they know when she’s done talking? Well, they won’t know, but her staff certainly knows when she’s ready to call it a day.

Touching a British Royal

When it comes to touching a royal, it never usually goes beyond a handshake once they offer their hands out, but there have been a few mishaps like when LeBron James placed him arm around the Duchess of Cambridge, when Queen Elizabeth hugged Michelle Obama, and when the former Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating placed his arm around Queen Elizabeth.

The Gift of Giving

The Royal Family is expected to accept gifts presented to them, in all forms. All gifts received by the family belong to the crown, and therefore the Queen gets to decide what to keep or not, while re-gifting and selling are strictly forbidden. This is why it is very common to see some of the other royals wearing the late Princess Diana’s jewelry because it didn’t really belong to her in the first place.

Little Fibs at Buckingham Palace

Darren McGrady, who used to work as the private chef for the Royal Family from 1982 to 1993, revealed in an interview how the staff would have to lie about dinnertime owing to Queen Elizabeth’s notoriety for being late. McGrady recalled how dinner at the Balmoral castle was at 20:30 when Her Majesty the Queen was in attendance, but the royal staff would tell her to arrive at 20:15 seeing as though she’d always be the last one down.

Home Births

Hospitals might be thought to be the most popular place to give birth nowadays, but until Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William, all members of the royal family were born at Kensington Palace. That was where Queen Elizabeth was born and where she gave birth to all her children. Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton chose to give birth to their children at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London.